Yo♥305 Pop-up Shop!

Its been a long time comin’ but we’re excited to very soon be introducing the YoAmo305 pop-up shop in Wynwood West.

Located at the Gesamtkunstwerk building, a multi-disciplinary creative space, home to the Spinello gallery, Wynwood Radio, Butter Gallery and product/81 creative lab, the pop-up shop will feature limited-edition items from clothing, beach towels, notebooks, and tea sets gracing our  much loved Yo ♥ 305 moniker!

Of course, it wouldn’t make much sense if this wasn’t a 305 labor of love. Indeed, local favorite street art duo 2alas (Andrew Antonaccio & Filio Galvez) had a late night painting our wall.

We’ll be settin’ up shop soon. If you love the 305, prove it and stop by soon! For updates on our opening, follow @YoAmo305 on Instagram and follow us on Facebook.


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