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We went, we listened & we ate. The inaugural FM Festival this past weekend was beautifully executed with a general chill vibe.  Perhaps, that had a lot to do with the drink to food ratio- which was about 50/50.  Saturday, weather wise was close to perfect, as opposed to Sunday’s maudlin start, but the music gods gave us a break.  As Ghostface Killah and Capadonna appeared onstage, toward the end of the evening with their crew, the clouds parted and the rain ceased.

Miami is an interesting nexus of fashion.  Mainly because we need to dress year round for our sunny weather, and initially we were psyched about featuring a some-what smug Winter in Miami Festival Fashion Guide, we were not planning on the weather actually turning wintery.


Instead of hawking beer sponsored domestics, FM rounded up the top libation purveyors in the city like Gramps, Repour & Better Days.  We sipped on beautifully hand-crafted cocktails as we swayed to the music and asked for another round.


How do you look sexy eating at a music festival? At the FM food and drinks tent, bite-sized foods like Ariete’s twist on Cuban fritas were small enough to avoid making a mess on your festival ready white faux-fur jacket.  It also helped that the only lights in the tent were dim floor lamps, so stuffing your face in the shadows was a plus.


The swelling of the crowds mirrored the ebb and flow of the adjacent beach.  The biggest crowd was shepherd in by the headliners, Hot Chip & Bomba Estereo. The make-up of the scene at FM Festival was as diverse as Miami, many beautiful people of all shades.  Even at the most congested, there was a general calm and if you were there just to see one act in particular, making your way to the front of the stage barracks was easy.


Although the speakers could have been turned up a bit louder, each act gave us a long-ish bumpin’ set.  You would think that an outdoor venue, like the Bandshell would not illicit feelings of intimacy from such big acts like Hot Chip and Slow Magic, but in some cosmic reversal the opposite was true.  The arrangement of the space was tantamount to the pleasure of the music’s proximity.


Did you attend the FM Festival? Take a look through our Yo Amo 305 Facebook Album here & tag yourself, your friends, your resto/bar.

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