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Often, we talk so much about the art and the artist that we forget about the art process. Not insinuating mediums or artistic procedure, per se, but how an artist got to where s/he is today, i.e. how does one muster the strength of mind, body, and spirit to persue a life of artistic splendor or radical endeavor.

A movement, one of many –reaching far beyond concepts of surrealism, protest art, and expressionism. Becoming, as in being born into or making a decision to follow a path, an artist is a movement. Fulfilling a call, being true to self, fostering vital forces –the artistic orb grows and rotates, spirals and causes dizzy spells. The mere thought of embracing an artistic self and/or creative entrepreneurship can be both overwhelming and disconcerting. So, how does one arrive to that place, the place where online sites lead to real spaces, real spaces gather like-minded, and the artist is satisfied with the strides s/he has taken? How does the artist dig deep enough to confront the truth about self, the art itself, the art world, and the miscellaneous?

Making art is one thing, but jumping in, making the decision to live by art is another entity altogether. We can go it alone, walk the road and see what happens –embrace the unexpected and plan as well as humanly possible. Many times, beautiful coincidences sprout as naturally as any plant, but many times the road is arduous, full of mammoth boulders, big enough to block the flow of energies and bodies alike, big enough to make us want to turn around and run back from that which we came.

Unless we face ourselves in the mirror, take a good, honest look at who we are, our fears, our desires, and our hopes, creative entrepreneurs might be in for a surprise, one that doesn’t always end well. It is in our fears that our creative projects really take hold. Those boulders are not bigger than a pebble or they’re a construct of your mind. And in order to push past them, to obliterate them, you might need some humans behind you, pushing, encouraging, and believing in you like you believe in yourself.

If you are a creative type, whether artist, entrepreneur, or both, community becomes you. As creative beings, community is that which guides, fosters, and, eventually, supports artistic endeavors. Dreams are not possible walking that road alone, no matter how talented or persistent. Turtle Tank is already in-tune, they have set down roots in a creative pool and released aquatic allies for the benefit of all creative entrepreneurs.

Turtle Tank is Ije Ude and Samia Abou-Samra, skilled consultants of powerful proportions. They know how to get to the heart of your artistic matter. And even before they take you to the creative process, they want to talk about what’s holding you back, i.e. what your fears are and how you can use those fears to propel you forward. At Turtle Tank, no stone is left unturned. You will get into deep waters and whether or not you know how to swim matters little because Ude and Abou-Samra are there, floating alongside you –to catch you and let your courage burgeon. You might have to hold your breath, but it’s part of the process; it’s about letting go while holding on –think of how the turtle swims with its massive shell as if a delicate bird, graceful and majestic.

When considering the radical entrepreneur life, one must consider more than ideas and passions, one must conceptualize. It’s a matter of visualizing for a successful future that will benefit both creative and community. This takes time. Turtle Tank knows this and they are waiting for you to reach out, ask for help, be vulnerable, and assume all the responsibilities and possibilities.

More often than not, we see the results of the artistic life, the finished, polished or not-so-polished product, but rarely are people talking about the steps to get there. Some of us are left wondering –how did they get there, how did they make their art work for them and the community, how did they ride that creative entrepreneur wave all the way to the shore and not fall off.

Let’s keep it extra real – they have fallen off, several times, in fact, before they made it to shore; while others stayed out there among the waves and sea creatures because it was more authentic to their journey. But the secret lies in how they came to those conclusions. And, truth be told, they arrived there with some cosmic guidance –like the blessings bestowed by Turtle Tank. In order to find success, facing our truths is vital.

What is your truth, artist? Do you know? If you’re caught in an undertow or getting burned on the beach, it’s high time you figured out what you can do to make your artistic journey more enjoyable and true to self. While blunders are bound to happen, Turtle Tank wants to give you techniques to manage those moments when your creative being feels way too heavy.

Turtle Tank proposes several things for their community. They gather energy, they focus, they address fears; they find purpose and help build health habits. What is so refreshing about swimming in Turtle Tank is that the water feels both like home and like a new space.

If you’ve doubted your creative self, you’re not alone. You are so not alone. Most of the time, as artist, we don’t know where to start –but we’ve got a ton of ideas and our spirit is beaming with desire. Or we start, then stop, finding ourselves at a crossroads unsure of which path will suit us best. Yes, this is that creative, radical life, however it can be less complicated if equipped properly. Being an artist ain’t easy, it’s more complicated than we realize or like to admit. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t be afraid to reach out for that hand extended in your direction. If nothing else, Turtle Tank entertains conversations that many artists may never have. It’s so much more than creating, it’s about manifesting on a deep, personal level –tapping into something. And that happens even before a project begins –for it happens in the mind and in the heart. After all, aren’t artists all soul anyways, carrying about this flesh suit like a home?

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WORDS BY:  Jacklyn Janeksela

jacklyn janeksela, MFA is an artist and an energy. Find her work @ art mugrejota cuadrada, &female filet. Her music with The Velblouds @ band camp.

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