The coolest thing you’ll see all day

Every once in a while among the LOLcats, faceplant videos and all of that wonderful porn, the internet gives us something truly innovative and entertaining. OK Go’s latest video tops their previous efforts through the use of interactive technology and Google’s Chrome Browser. Check out the description from Creative Review:

The opening screen of the site invites users to enter a message they’d like to send. The song then begins with the band performing a dance routine on just one small pop-up in the centre of the screen. As the track continues, this splits into four pop-ups and then into 12, with the routine becoming more complex and imaginative as the screens expand and the band is joined by more dancers.

To really grasp the complexity of the video, try hitting the F3 button on Macs to expand all the windows and see the dancers moving around in their little boxes. Watching the video with your personalized message at the end is definitely worth your five minutes. Remember to use Google Chrome.

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