YO AMO 305 Shop Keeps Spreading the Love

The YOAMO305 Pop-up Shop opened its doors on December 1, 2015 in the Gesamtkunstwerk Building just west of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami and will be keeping them open well beyond Miami Art Week and into the Holidays.  Everything about this gallery-inspired retail space conjures the expression verbalized by a pair of juicy red lips painted on a giant green wall that greets visitors as they enter. In Miami’s most appropriate lingo, everything about the YOAMO305 shop is SUPER CUTE. There is, quite literally, no better way to say it.


YOAMO305 has evolved from its first days as an idea sketched out on the blank page of a worn out Moleskine notebook in 2006, to an iconic symbol that is synonymous with Miami.  The highly coveted t-shirts, large and small canvas bags, slick snap back caps and other cute paraphernalia, are meant to evoke love for a particular sense of the local that embraces Miami’s unique cultural identity, one that has been a couple of generations in the making. Beyond a mere symbol, YOAMO305 communicates appreciation in admiration of our beloved MIA. The shop, a celebration of this magic city, is currently housing a variety of mostly local brands and products that mirror the intention to keep spreading the love.


Fachenta, a Nicaraguanism that reflects the backgrounds of its creators -Lissette Ramírez and Natalie Llopis Haque, describes a presentation to the world that expresses pride in oneself, like putting one’s best face forward no matter what.  It is an attitude of extraordinary coolness expressed in the spirit of self-love.


Through the vibrant colors of these purses, handcrafted in Bali, Fachenta celebrates artisan & exotic fashion from around the world and brings it home to YOAMO305, “We could think of no better place to house our love for beautiful things.”

May you always walk with your head held high.

Faith and Science

In a special collaboration with modern day alchemist Karina Hayes, YOAMO305 has dreamed up a one of a kind, all natural wellness product line.  From biodegradable hand made soaps to hand poured exquisite candles, each product carries within its essence the magic of Alchemy.


Scent combinations include the YOAMO305 Signature, Rose Pomegranate Passion, with fragrances of rose, pomegranate and passion fruit along with other fascinating blends such as, Cinnamon Orange Nutmeg, Keylime Poppyseed, and Chocolate Crème Brulee.


Part of yet another special collaboration with artists Eva and Pepe of the Hippiebots, YOAMO305 brings to life a one-of-a-kind inspired collection.  Handmade and custom molded with resin, there are no two Hippiebots that are the same. That’s because each contains a world of its own comprised of specially curated crystals, gemstones and other curious novelties. A gorgeous, handmade crystal and gemstone necklace accompanies each Hippiebot.

For this unique collaboration, we’ve curated contents that speak to the city’s electric and eclectic culture – from traditional evil eyes and Tibetan blessed Buddha charms to seashells and glitter. Of course, those curious enough will also spot a YoAmo305 in each.


While discovering the contents of each is an experience in itself, it is believed that each Hippiebot chooses its owner. When it happens, you’ll know.


I Love Miami 365

I Love Miami 365 is a year long photo journey that celebrates the adventure of what it means to live the vibrancy of the moment in a city that favors free spirits. Alissa Christine, a Brazlian American Miami Beach based artist, brings us the gift of her self expression through photography in a book that conceptualizes every instance as art and gives the viewer access to discover the city through a unique and personalized lens.



Colorful, full of texture and timeless are some elements of Welle Swimwear, the first collection of Katz Hernandez and Rita Blondet, who show that sportswear and good design are synonymous.

Welle is a German word for wave pronounced ‘vele.’


After catching the waves, a 100% eco friendly towel may just be what you need  to dry off and decorate your beach, pool or travel session.

So, come and see us at our new casita at the Gesamtkunstwerk Building…


From Miami with love… ¡Ya tú sabes!


2930 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL  33127




Love in the 305

yoamo305-miami The YoAmo305 wall is our welcome mat to our beloved city. Over the years we’ve had thousands visit our home during Art Walks, Art Basel and more while countless others simply stand outside with one purpose – sharing the love for the 305 . It’s the basic idea behind everything we do – it’s what we’re all about.

As we’ve grown and evolved, it’s been inspiring seeing Wynwood and the rest of the city change as well. That’s why we’re really happy to have been chosen by The305.com as the best place to take photos in Miami for 2013. With the start of the a new year, we hope you continue dropping by, tagging us in your pictures and throwing up the Three-Oh-Five at our doorstep. We’ve got big things in the works and we want you all to be a part of it. Here’s to a great 2014, Miami.

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Welcome to The Production Line

Fordistas 14 - 2Alas

The Production Line is an immersive experience by the street art duo 2Alas commissioned by South Florida Ford as part of the Fordistas program.

Inspired by Henry Ford and the industrial innovations of the early 20th century, The Production Line seeks to recreate the process and vintage style of mass manufacturing by converting Product/81 Gallery into a screen-printing factory.

Working under the banner Made in Wynwood, the artist will produce 25 limited edition prints by process of assembly line in a series of precisely controlled sequential steps. Visitors can follow the floor map throughout the space to experience each point in the process.

Receive 1 of 25 limited edition prints from The Production Line.

Be among the first 25 to upload a photo to Instagram  #Fordistas #MadeinWynwood

The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts & culture – powered by South Florida Ford.

The Symmetry of Yuri Tuma

By Natology

There is a universal formula at the basis of all design. Whether it’s in the three-dimensional structure of an atom or the blueprint of a building, a beautiful mathematical equation lays at the foundation of all form. To see the world in shapes, colors, and lines is a blessing. To capture it, mold it, construct it and deconstruct it is another story. Yuri Tuma sees the world in the form of abstract symmetry, which he’s applied to creating a visual language where images replace numbers and patterns shape the conversation.

Yuri Tuma is a Brazilian artist based in Miami, Florida whose art matches the balance of his personality and the vibrational frequency of his name. In other words, Tuma has a harmonious nature that is reflected in his work. He is a photographer who uses shapes and linear structure to develop symmetrical patterns that mirror the nature of design. There is a left-brain and right-brain balance in his work that merges math and intuition to illustrate an understanding of universal geometry. Represented by the established and rebellious Butter Gallery, Tuma has had four solo exhibitions (2008 – 2013) alongside group shows and art fairs in New York and Shanghai. In his fifth solo exhibition, Tuma presents Headlights at Product/81 Gallery, opening Saturday August 10, 2013 in Miami, Fl.  Commissioned by Fordistas, Headlights presents the study of formulaic patterns and optical-symmetry inspired by the headlights of Ford automobiles.. Tuma sees the application of nature’s patterns in man-made structures, which he presents through a kaleidoscopic lens that makes the inorganic, organic. Here’s a sneak peak of Tuma’s latest body of work for Fordistas! fordistas13EVITE




Cosmic Chronic : Dreamboat

By Natology

There’s a certain kind of creative magic that sparks when we move outside of our comfort zone to seek out adventures and build roots in other cities. The magic flourishes however, once reconnected with the community that raised you, enabling you capable of expanding that foundation with your new found inspiration. This is the case with Miami-NYC’s duo Dreamboat featuring Mickey de Grand IV and EDG4R. Both homegrown talents, Ryan left Miami for a couple years to study music theory, jazz, and orchestral composition at City College of New York before returning to Miami to collaborate with Edgar in creating their new label Cosmic Chronic. Since their early collaboration, Edgar moved to New York and brought Miami to Brooklyn, through their label, which focuses on releasing Miami-centric artists worldwide. Featuring the likes of Boogie, Electro-Funk, Future Funk, Postmodern Beats, and Dance, Cosmic Chronic has a next-level line up that’s bound to put a stamp on the map.

In their latest venture, the guys released Dreamboat’s new single Special Kiss 12’’ featuring a remix by Tom Noble (Disco Tom, Superior Elevation Records, Ligers Music). As Dreamboat, the collaboration combines lust-filled falsettos with dreamy synth composition made to give you a trip down nostalgia lane. So this is what happens when we move out of our hometown and build on experiences that inspire new projects while paying homage to our roots. I’m very excited about everything these two and the rest of the Cosmic Chronic team is working on these days. I’ll leave you with a little taste of what they have to offer alongside the new music video for Dreamboat’s Special Kiss. There is much more to be written about the music that’s being released by Cosmic Chronic, but here’s a little taste to wet your palette.

Cosmic Chronic Dreamboat[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BULm1X3TF4s&w=560&h=315]

One Love


Photo cred: Miami New Times

Our very own Hec1 got some much deserved love from the New Times today about the special show he curated for the Fountain Art Fair during Basel. It’s been our honor to collab with Hec numerous times over the past year and host this legend in our home the #YoAmo305 gallery for the mural below as well as a soon to be revealed piece at our future space. A great way to end the year for homegrown Miami artists, and hopefully the start of a great 2013 for Hec. One love.