Wynwood Art Walk

Welcome to The Production Line

Fordistas 14 - 2Alas

The Production Line is an immersive experience by the street art duo 2Alas commissioned by South Florida Ford as part of the Fordistas program.

Inspired by Henry Ford and the industrial innovations of the early 20th century, The Production Line seeks to recreate the process and vintage style of mass manufacturing by converting Product/81 Gallery into a screen-printing factory.

Working under the banner Made in Wynwood, the artist will produce 25 limited edition prints by process of assembly line in a series of precisely controlled sequential steps. Visitors can follow the floor map throughout the space to experience each point in the process.

Receive 1 of 25 limited edition prints from The Production Line.

Be among the first 25 to upload a photo to Instagram  #Fordistas #MadeinWynwood

The Fordistas program is a platform for emerging arts & culture – powered by South Florida Ford.

Fordistas 13 Finissage – Headlights by Yuri Tuma


One of the best things about supporting Miami artists is that the community is small enough for paths to cross over and over again. This fosters friendships that stretch beyond the confines of gallery walls. It’s truly been an honor to host our dear friends Yuri Tuma and Butter Gallery in our home, the Product/81 Gallery. Join us this Saturday during Wynwood Art Walk for the closing of his groundbreaking show Headlights.

Here’s a rare look at the creative process that drives one of Miami’s most honest and original creators.

Krisp Doubles Up the Action this Second Saturday

They said it couldn’t be done. Which was the wrong thing to say if they really didn’t want it to happen. See there’s a certain set of folks who take “No” for a green light and use doubt as if it were ammunition. To these types saying something can’t be done is akin to giving ‘em a back-handed push forward toward a follow-through; a follow-through those naysayers nayed in the first place.

Okay, so we hyperbolize. This really didn’t happen like that at all. When the Krisp cat Dean Taha first got with Product/81 point men Joel Fernandez and Alex Fernandez-Casais about having the band play the latter’s infamous Wynwood art house, nobody said anything couldn’t be done — they all just agreed it couldn’t be done then. Why? Krisp was on a hiatus. That’s why. Not surprising since the lads had spent the better part of their two year existence wowing Miamians in every joint that would have ‘em. So as much as the keen young guns wanted to step up to the stage for the opening of Brian Butler’s wowful and whimsical Fordistas 8Let’s Get Lost, the time just wasn’t right.


Fordistas 7 Exhibition this Saturday

This Saturday the Product/81 Gallery will once again host two of our favorite artists in Miami, Viviana Molinares and Agnieszka Nowinska, for series 7 of the Fordistas Exhibition. After showcasing her deeply personal “Locked  Out” with us last month, Viviana will share the stage with Agnieszka – whose hugely popular work helped make our Rebuilding Japan fundraiser in March such a success.


Locked Out

Fordistas 6 in April will feature Miami artist Viviana Molinares. Viviana brings a strength and level of refined talent unlike any artist we’ve featured before. Her first solo exhibition entitled “Locked Out” is an intimate look at her struggles and triumphs over the past year. The vernissage for “Locked Out” will be Saturday, April 14th during Art Walk at the Product/81 Gallery at 2311 NW 2nd Ave in Wynwood. 

Tsunami Anniversary Benefit @ P/81

It’s hard to imagine that the tragic events of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami were only a year ago. Even though it captivated the world’s attention at the time, people have forgotten that the recovery is an ongoing process.

The people of Japan have shown great resilience and unity during reconstruction, but there is still a long road ahead. International efforts have shifted to the long-term needs of those affected by the disaster, as thousands remain displaced and struggle to reintegrate into society.

Art by Brian Butler

During this Saturday’s Wynwood Art Walk, on the anniversary of the disaster, Product/81 will partner with some of the most influential people in Miami’s cultural scene for Rebuilding Japan,a fundraiser benefiting the Japanese Red Cross.

Thirteen local artists will exhibit original posters inspired by the spirit of Japan. The posters, limited edition 8×10 prints and special Yo♥305 sticker will all be sold, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Art by Andrew Antonaccio

The Purple People Eatery food truck has also created a custom Mini Tuna Wakame Burger and tea just for the occasion. The first 100 people to buy a print and donate to the cause will get a free meal from the best food truck in Miami.

Finally, DJs Ess & Emm will be spinning all night and Pamela Wasabi of Wasabi Fashion Kult will photograph the vibe while patrons enjoy the beer and sake open bar. Come by to support a great cause and have a great time.

When & Where:

Product/81 Gallery – 2311 NW 2 Ave in Wynwood


Featured Artists: Agnieska Nowinska, Andrew Antonaccio, Brian Butler, David Tamargo, Dianaya, Guillermo Memo Arias, Lindsay Scoggins, Marcello Ibañez, superyummie, Wild + Bear, Yuki Tanaka

Wild + Bear

Sweat the small stuff

If you’ve spent any time by the pool at The Standard (perhaps you’re impossibly good-looking) you might have noticed the playful chalkboard drawings greeting you at the entrance. The simple flashes of color and creativity are a daily treat welcomed by regulars of the hotel, who have come to know and appreciate the artist behind them. However, as they say, that is only his day job. Marcello Ibanez has been a photographer since he was a child. Focusing on small, unusual items like antique or collectible toys, he finds beauty in things people often overlook. He’ll have the first major exhibition of his work as part of the Fordistas Series at the Yo ♥ 305 gallery during the Wynwood Art Walk this Saturday from 6-11pm. We asked Marcello a few questions about his work, and what inspires him.