Tremends Plays at House of Creatives

House of Creatives is upon us again! Last year brought a killer set by headliners like The Flaming Lips and Crystal Castles, however we love this fest because it shows love to local bands and showcases the Magic City. The venue has changed from the North Miami Beach Bandshell to the Historic Virginia Key Park this year, but the bands booked keep getting better! Tremends, a raw melodic rocking band has been working hard in the Miami circuit for quite some time and they talk to Culture Designers about their experiences here and abroad.

Read our interview with local darlings Tremends below!

Culture Designers: We had an activation with you guys many moons ago at our old space Yo Amo 305, what have you been doing since then?

Tremends: We’re mostly playing live in Miami and writing new music

CD: What’s the story behind your band name?

T: It’s just a play on the word tremendous because we thought we were tremendous and the word kinda stuck around.

CD: Being a hard working band in this city is no feat. What have you observed changing in the Miami music scene for better or worse in the past few years?

T: Miami has definitely been a challenging place for artists and still is to some extent but we have seen an increase in the demand for live music. More venues have opened up to live bands and to us instead of sticking to the easy, usual, DJ format – which is a great thing for us.

CD: Venues come and go here, any special spots you’d like to send a shout out to?

T:  Yes! The Anderson, the North Beach Bandshell, the Electric Pickle, Las Rosas, Gramps and of course Churchill’s… we’re probably forgetting a few the list is quite long!

CD: In almost every corner of the city you can hear Reggaeton and homegrown Rap wafting through the air. Your music is described as melodic rock, where do you find your audience in this raucous city more keen on rewarding DJ culture?

T: It’s more like they find us. People who don’t usually like that kind of music will tend go to the more underground spots, where they’ll usually find bands like us, or some underground electronic music. Surprisingly, even those underground electronic music venues also have been opening up to live music in the past year or so.

CD: When you have gone on tour, what have been your favorite places and why?

T: Our favorite place would be Los Angeles. We’ve just always had a great time there, the crowd is very different from Miami and so is the culture but we’ve always seen a good response.

CD: Tell us about your new EP. Style, inspiration, studio sessions. Did you record it here?

T: Yes we recorded it here in Miami. We tried a different approach to our music by including more electronic elements to it than our previous work. We also tried to be more spontaneous in our workflow because we feel that the best work is the one that comes out fast and naturally flows. At the end of the day, we just want to make something that we like and hope that people will like it too.

Words by Lauren Ruiz.

Funky Vibes at Toro y Moi Show

Grand Central was at capacity on Wednesday night for Toro y Moi, which was admittedly a surprise. I was introduced to the singer/producer, Chaz Bundick, only a few months ago and had really started to love the synthy, funky style. In the weeks leading up to the show I’d heard very little hype and wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of crowd or vibe. All I knew was that the Carolina native had the backing of a small band and was known for putting on a good show. According to a friend who attended one of their first Miami shows a couple of years ago, they played a perfect set for a mostly empty Bardot.

This time they sounded equally perfect, except their popularity had obviously grown.  As evidence to the expanding fan base that has seen a recent collaboration with electro-funk godfathers Chromeo, the crowd’s age ranged from thirties on down to teens with what looked like a few chaperones in the back. Falling somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, we chose a nice roomy spot behind a pillar rather than fighting our way to the center. Not much of a view, but plenty of space to dance. We would get our chance for a closer look at the end of the performance.

After wrapping with an extended curtain call and inviting the audience to party with him upstairs at The Garret for the rest of the night, Chaz quietly signed autographs and posed for pictures with a small crowd that had fortunately lingered behind. Despite our best efforts to avoid the mob throughout the show, we pushed our way through a small pack of admirers for Lia, Product/81’s Art Director extraordinaire, to get chance at a little face-time with Toro y Moi.

Bloggers in Arms: Beached Miami Marks its 2nd B-Day

Culture Designers Chats Up Co-Captain Jordan Melnick 

Miami’s an amazing place — you know it, we know it, and so does everyone else. But the Magic City’s blogs make our town just a bit more amazing. Of the small slew worthy of merit and mention is Beached Miami, which this Saturday night marks its Second Birthday with a blowout bash starring top-notch locals at that perennial hotspot known as The Stage. To celebrate the occasion — and to herald Beached’s continuous keen — Culture Designers got with co-captain Jordan Melnick. Here’s what he had to say:


The coolest thing you’ll see all day

Every once in a while among the LOLcats, faceplant videos and all of that wonderful porn, the internet gives us something truly innovative and entertaining. OK Go’s latest video tops their previous efforts through the use of interactive technology and Google’s Chrome Browser. Check out the description from Creative Review:

The opening screen of the site invites users to enter a message they’d like to send. The song then begins with the band performing a dance routine on just one small pop-up in the centre of the screen. As the track continues, this splits into four pop-ups and then into 12, with the routine becoming more complex and imaginative as the screens expand and the band is joined by more dancers.

To really grasp the complexity of the video, try hitting the F3 button on Macs to expand all the windows and see the dancers moving around in their little boxes. Watching the video with your personalized message at the end is definitely worth your five minutes. Remember to use Google Chrome.

Rachel Goodrich wants to make you famous…

…really it’s more like, “indie famous.” Local indie queen, “shake-a-billy” pioneer, and ukulele & kazoo enthusiast Rachel Goodrich is having another video contest, this time for her song “Na Na Na.” The contest ending September 1st is being held by Borscht Corp. and is also getting support from our local music mecca Sweat Records.

We want to see you move and dance to the tune “Na Na Na” any way you like!

We like all kinds of dances- interpretive, ballet, step, tap, jazz, breaking, modern, and are inviting everyone from professionals to friends in their living rooms to upload a video to YouTube and share the link with us!

You can be as simple or extravagant and creative as you like, there are no rules as long as it’s dancing to “Na Na Na.”

The best ones will be used in the official music video, 10 lucky winners will be given an autographed copy of Rachel’s CD, and one will be given a cash prize of $500! Even if you don’t win, you may still make it into the video directed by MayerLeyva.

I have to admit, Rachel had been under our radar until this point despite some big press, but we absolutely love her sound. She manages to rock a ukulele and a kazoo but still sound beautifully classic with her soulful and smoky voice. Best of all, her music and past videos are really fun and playful. This is feel good stuff, folks.

¡MAYDAY! feat. Del The Funky Homosapien

The P81 team has been a ¡MAYDAY! fan for a long time. Even before the band, we used to watch Wrek battling at the old Polish American Club along with other local emcees still doing it like Parable and Serum. But, as they say, that was a long time ago.  It’s great seeing local boys grow and evolve as artists. Their new video for The Ride comes to us via Antisteez and was directed by the band itself as well as Garcia for the Crazy Hood Film Academy. It features Del the Funky Homosapien being dragged around in a coffin by the band through different parts of Miami including what looked like Wynwood during an art walk, the Hooters in Bayside, and even a Cuban cafecito window. Gotta love it. By the way, I’m pretty sure the photo for the single used above comes from Beached Miami’s coverage of the Del show at Churchill’s a few weeks ago.

Click below to see the full video.