Museum torn down

Our favorite Wynwood wall got torn down today. The corner of 21st and N Miami Ave was an outdoor museum featuring everything that’s great about street art in one frantic space. We featured this wall once before, and we warned it would be coming down soon.  Despite all the hype, the growth of the neighborhood really hasn’t even started yet. We just hope that amidst the new restaurants, galleries, and shops, spaces like this don’t become a thing of the past. Use Google Maps Street View to take a virtual tour of what it used to be.


A Bowl of Patriotism

Captain America Smokes a Bowl - Wynwood

The Captain America movie premiers today, so we thought we’d share one of the more unusual murals from the neighborhood. This cracked-out Captain America was put up directly next to the police substation on NW 2 Ave and 35th street, which might be why the ‘paraphernalia’ has been smashed off. Our opinion will always be that it’s still an improvement on a blank wall.  The picture is even geotagged on Google Maps’ street view and is helpfully entitled “Captain America Smokes a Bowl.” Photo credit to Mr. Depot.

Graffiti Cola

RC Cola Miami Plant - Street Art Museum

RC Cola Miami Plant - Street Art Museum

On Friday the South Florida Business Journal featured an article about some of the properties being bought up in the Wynwood area and their proposed uses. Metro 1 Properties has purchased over 15 acres across several blocks, including the former free trade zone, which is set to become the production facility for the new Charlie’s Angels TV show on ABC. Another large chunk of the space purchased comes from the long abandoned RC Cola Plant off of NW 6 Ave and 24th street.

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