Cosmic Chronic : Dreamboat

By Natology

There’s a certain kind of creative magic that sparks when we move outside of our comfort zone to seek out adventures and build roots in other cities. The magic flourishes however, once reconnected with the community that raised you, enabling you capable of expanding that foundation with your new found inspiration. This is the case with Miami-NYC’s duo Dreamboat featuring Mickey de Grand IV and EDG4R. Both homegrown talents, Ryan left Miami for a couple years to study music theory, jazz, and orchestral composition at City College of New York before returning to Miami to collaborate with Edgar in creating their new label Cosmic Chronic. Since their early collaboration, Edgar moved to New York and brought Miami to Brooklyn, through their label, which focuses on releasing Miami-centric artists worldwide. Featuring the likes of Boogie, Electro-Funk, Future Funk, Postmodern Beats, and Dance, Cosmic Chronic has a next-level line up that’s bound to put a stamp on the map.

In their latest venture, the guys released Dreamboat’s new single Special Kiss 12’’ featuring a remix by Tom Noble (Disco Tom, Superior Elevation Records, Ligers Music). As Dreamboat, the collaboration combines lust-filled falsettos with dreamy synth composition made to give you a trip down nostalgia lane. So this is what happens when we move out of our hometown and build on experiences that inspire new projects while paying homage to our roots. I’m very excited about everything these two and the rest of the Cosmic Chronic team is working on these days. I’ll leave you with a little taste of what they have to offer alongside the new music video for Dreamboat’s Special Kiss. There is much more to be written about the music that’s being released by Cosmic Chronic, but here’s a little taste to wet your palette.

Cosmic Chronic Dreamboat[youtube]

Hialeah’s Finest Kitchen

By Natology

Wondering what to make in light of tomorrow night’s Heat game? Nothing says Miami more than guava, pulled-pork, and deep-fried but let’s add a little drag to the mix to spice things up. I recently discovered Hialeah’s own Juleisy y Karla who are cooking up more than recipes in their new cooking show, Cooking with Hialeah’s Finest.  Watch out Paula Deen, there’s a new duo in town that’s about to up you on the calorie count and they’re serving it with a plate of charisma, a side of Goya, and a whole lot of WASASA!


And as if that’s not enough to make you want more, here’s some shots from Juleisy y Karla’s recent shoot with Jipsy/



Francesco LoCastro

By Natology

“In the realm of intersecting ideas, lies the opportunity of transformative change, ” Francesco LoCastro.

Francesco LoCastro has the heart of a painter and the mind of a twenty-first century philosopher. His recent body of work explores subjects in the metaphysical and existential realms, which he conveys through a visual language that is both accessible and complex. Through the use of shapes, colors, symmetry, layers and movement, Francesco presents his work across a platform that transcends the diversity of the human experience. There is a meditative quality beneath his paintings, which is brought to life in subtle video movement. Each painting is constructed through symmetrical layers that are slowly stripped away to reveal a nucleus within a configuration that reflects the invisible structures that define our experience. Deep, I know; but you can also appreciate it from a purely aesthetic place that’s pleasing to the eye and inexplicably peaceful.

As we prepare to shift into a new paradigm, we see the evolution of thought reflected in present dialogues. Francesco LoCastro is an active voice in the contemporary art movement and is helping to steer things in the right direction. Noted for his contributions to Pop-Surrealism, LoCastro is recognized as a key figure in bringing its urban contemporary aesthetics into the realm of fine art. As a painter, curator, and founder of new art fairs, there is a proactive element behind each action that defines him as a humble visionary of our time. Artists have always functioned as mediums in conveying higher levels of understanding and LoCastro airs on that of the 4th dimension. As artists we are the catalysts in the transformation of society and Francesco occupies an important place within it. Below is a glimpse at his latest geometric goodness. Pay close attention to his paintings and videos, there often appears to be a digital design element but it’s been created by hand.

[vimeo w=500&h=281] [vimeo w=500&h=281]


There Go-Go’s the Neighborhood

The District Factory Chicks Wing it to Wynwood

Just when you thought everything under the moon and the stars and the sun had been done with regards to Art Walk, along comes a couple of with-it chicks intent on making everybody think twice the next time they wanna jump to assumption. We’re talkin’ ‘bout the kinda tag team that puts the awesome in twosome, dig? A pairing so perfect you’d suspect it was designed by a top shelf chef to fit with his favorite wine. Only in this case it’s a merging of fashion and art and music to the fine food.

We mean Grace M. Castro and Chelsea Conklin, the dynamic duo behind The District Factory, who’ve decided to wing south a few blocks in order to set up a promising-looking something else called The Wynwood Squat. Folks who’ve flown with the ever-on-the-go gals know full well that this won’t be the first time they’ve put together a mad happening of a mashup; you can bet your proverbial bottom dollar that this won’t be the last time they do so either. Culture Designers decided to get with the chicks before they reach the stratosphere.


Bloggers in Arms: Beached Miami Marks its 2nd B-Day

Culture Designers Chats Up Co-Captain Jordan Melnick 

Miami’s an amazing place — you know it, we know it, and so does everyone else. But the Magic City’s blogs make our town just a bit more amazing. Of the small slew worthy of merit and mention is Beached Miami, which this Saturday night marks its Second Birthday with a blowout bash starring top-notch locals at that perennial hotspot known as The Stage. To celebrate the occasion — and to herald Beached’s continuous keen — Culture Designers got with co-captain Jordan Melnick. Here’s what he had to say:


Miami Invaded

Miami Herald image – Space Invader on North Miami Ave & 23rd street.

It’s rare to see street art featured in The Herald outside of Basel season, let alone above the fold on the front page. Today’s piece about the infamous Space Invader was a thorough introduction for the uninitiated to the French mosaic menace. And we use the word menace with the utmost admiration.


Basel for the people

As the dust settles on another year of Basel, the P81 team will bring you our thoughts and reflections throughout the week. Join the conversation and tell us what you thought of Art Basel 2011 at

Basel brought many things to the people of Miami – access to a world of art in a very short window of time, internationally renowned names, and the temporary transformation of a city. However, there were very few opportunities for people to be in a position other than that of merely the audience, the patron or the observer.

Last Saturday, we unintentionally broke this rule and invited people in Wynwood to create some art of their own.