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The Endless Art

by Guiseppe Bernstein

In the 1966 surf movie, The Endless Summer, the characters came up with an idea, that if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer around the world, making it endless. Nothing short of exactly what happens for many who are both financially capable and addicted to exclusivity of contemporary fine art, within white walls of climate controlled convention center corridors. It has become a lifestyle for myself.

Circumnavigating the world in the name of art will have you galloping Hong Kong to Venice in Spring, Basel, Switzerland to the Hamptons for Summer, London to New York City in Fall and finally Miami Beach to Los Angeles in the Winter. Of course there are many more art fairs and cities to visit in between, but I dare not even begin to take note or I will be finishing this post from the comfort of a private jet. The itinerant lifestyle of many art professionals has done some good for the local, less mobile art aficionados.

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