Never Forever

By Natology

Deconstructed shapes of black leather and wax, carefully layered, rebuilt and then draped in genius. That’s the Elliott Evan collection by designer Elliott Giffis. You see, there’s a math to building a great garment that goes far beyond the final product. Wearing a piece that’s drafted and constructed by an artist is what it’s all about. Elliott has a distinct way of constructing a garment that allows it to become an architectural piece. We love fashion because we love art, and that’s what we want to wear.

I met Elliott twelve months ago and will never forget the first time I went to his home in Downtown LA. My jaw dropped from the creative energy in the space. Layers of patterns carpeted the floor of his loft occupied only by sewing machines and a single mattress in the middle of the room. The rest of the space was filled with handmade jackets, which developed into his first collection. Elliott builds his garments similar to the way he builds a motorcycle. There’s a blueprint and an understanding of the human body that allows him to create comfortable, modular, and transformative work. Here are a couple videos to introduce you to Elliott and his process. If you’re in New York for fashion week, I highly recommend you see his show on February 7th.

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Dripped in LA’s Fashion Underground

By Natology

What do you get when you cross LA’s emerging underground designers and a DJ line up guaranteed to make a paraplegic dance? You get Dripped.

Dripped is a Los Angeles-based fashion soiree and trunk show established in 2010 by local hustler and style diva, Marianne Cotan, aka Geisha. I met Geisha at Coachella earlier this year and since then have admired her dedication, love, and straight hustle for creating a platform where local designers / creatives can collectively build their brands, ideas, and community. Dripped takes place four-to-six times a year with a special edition for LA Fashion Week. Each event hosts a different theme that’s curated by a series of various art installations and performances that circulate the party. Geisha plans on developing Dripped into a miniature trade show that focuses on helping young designers build accounts with affiliated buyers and boutiques, while incorporating a series of workshops to teach about branding and the business of fashion. Some people say LA’s a tough crowd, and I agree. However, Geisha has a way about her. She makes you feel a part of each production and as if you’re at the right place at the right time…and maybe you are.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Photos by:  Young & Sleek and Rony’s Photobooth

Want to check out some of the best of LA’s underground? Here are some of the brands from Dripped’s roster, just in time for the holidayz.

Kill City
Hellz Bellz
See You Monday
Mama Dona
JC Rags
Black Banditz
Casen Kreation
Miss Wax
Honey B. Gold
CowGirl Heaven
Natalia Benson
Marina Fini
Shred Threads
Mama Doux
Buttons & Bows
Qloak Showroom
Closet Freak
Virgo Boutique
Zalez Studio
Pingping & Rabbit
Mooke by Yuske
Maricela Marcel Vintage
Echo Park Independant Co Opt
Allysun Maria Dutra
Prep Jerks
A Rare Bird of Fashion
Clumsy Cat
Jonathan Burdine Clothing

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