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Bloggers in Arms: Nightdrive Relaunches Miami’s Best Music Blog

If the early 20th will be remembered for the plethora of newspapers that then spread across the land, the early 21st will surely be remembered for the prevalence of blogs that have spread across the internet. Unlike their print predecessors of course, blogs are inherently world wide, and need not limit themselves to a particular geography. Nevertheless some of the very best of them do just that. Why? Because the global begins and ends at home, and nobody better covers the local than those who live there.


Sounding Off in Wynwood: Miami Music Week Edition

A Product/81 Report

Hype and hoopla to the contrary, Miami Music Week isn’t limited to the Bay or the Beach. In fact, some of the fastest, raddest action takes place off rather than on the waterfront, on streets that hold numbers instead of names. Locals know this, of course, because it’s largely the locals who are behind that action. But much of the world’s most plugged-in knows it too. And if by chance they don’t, they soon will.