Edgar Rojas-Masferrer

Cosmic Chronic : Dreamboat

By Natology

There’s a certain kind of creative magic that sparks when we move outside of our comfort zone to seek out adventures and build roots in other cities. The magic flourishes however, once reconnected with the community that raised you, enabling you capable of expanding that foundation with your new found inspiration. This is the case with Miami-NYC’s duo Dreamboat featuring Mickey de Grand IV and EDG4R. Both homegrown talents, Ryan left Miami for a couple years to study music theory, jazz, and orchestral composition at City College of New York before returning to Miami to collaborate with Edgar in creating their new label Cosmic Chronic. Since their early collaboration, Edgar moved to New York and brought Miami to Brooklyn, through their label, which focuses on releasing Miami-centric artists worldwide. Featuring the likes of Boogie, Electro-Funk, Future Funk, Postmodern Beats, and Dance, Cosmic Chronic has a next-level line up that’s bound to put a stamp on the map.

In their latest venture, the guys released Dreamboat’s new single Special Kiss 12’’ featuring a remix by Tom Noble (Disco Tom, Superior Elevation Records, Ligers Music). As Dreamboat, the collaboration combines lust-filled falsettos with dreamy synth composition made to give you a trip down nostalgia lane. So this is what happens when we move out of our hometown and build on experiences that inspire new projects while paying homage to our roots. I’m very excited about everything these two and the rest of the Cosmic Chronic team is working on these days. I’ll leave you with a little taste of what they have to offer alongside the new music video for Dreamboat’s Special Kiss. There is much more to be written about the music that’s being released by Cosmic Chronic, but here’s a little taste to wet your palette.

Cosmic Chronic Dreamboat[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BULm1X3TF4s&w=560&h=315]