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We’re very happy to support TEDxMiami conference on Thursday October 24, 2013 as we connect the cities best thinkers. We’re big fans of TEDTalks and are looking forward to being a part of the energy. Product/81 Creative Lab is a proud sponsor of this year’s TEDxMiami alongside the Adrienne Arsht Center and the Knight Foundation. Look out for the limited edition YO <3 305 Tee in the goodie bag : )TEDxMiami - white-arialScreen Shot 2013-10-20 at 1.17.56 PM


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Cause living just isn’t enough.

By Natology

Contemporary art is a constant reflection of culture. Its story lines are based on existing topics that dance around the approval or disapproval of what is and what is not. This waltz circulates around the nucleus of the collective consciousness where aesthetics don’t stray too far from home. There is no doubt that great work can come from that center, but it can only be as great as that which it surrounds. In order to do things differently there needs to be space for an untapped inspiration that can only be found when stepping away from the central thought. I recently had the honor of seeing what I consider to be one of the best shows I’ve seen, not just all year but in general.  Cause living just isn’t enough, solo exhibition by Hugo Montoya at Guccivuitton Gallery in Miami, Florida.

First, let’s discuss the location. Guccivuitton Gallery is an avant-garde creative space tucked away to the north of the arts districts. Its location feels real and integrated within the city of Miami in a way that really allows for cultural inspirations to fill the space, while creating a distance from the nucleus that allows for the expansion of thought. This is a hidden treasure in the Miami art scene that should not be overlooked, in fact all eyes should play close attention to this space.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.55.40 PMIMG_0371
Hugo and I have been friends for nearly ten years. We went to school together and I have forever been a fan of his work. It’s been a long time since he’s had a show and I can see why. There’s been a nursing of thought and an evolution of ideas far ahead of their time. He gave me the honor of a personal walk through the show last week, sharing the story behind each piece, all of which are found objects adapted and placed with careful precision. For an exhibition strong enough to stand any interpretation, the stories behind the scenes are what add to its value. It’s the culmination of details and the perfection of every angle in which you experience the art.

There’s a small center for worship next door to Guccivuitton, which creates a magical entrance into the space, should you catch it at the right time. We arrived at the space around 7:30pm, well after sunset but still in time for the church choir. As we walked up to the gallery the echos of Haitian gospel increased in volume and you could feel the energy surround the gallery’s entrance. Hugo spent six weeks in the gallery, something that artists don’t regularly have a chance to do. The energy of the gospel choir filled the space that night just as it did throughout those six weeks. From every angle this show presents a new perspective, regardless of the stories behind it or the academic interpretations. It has the ability to stand alone.

Get Inspired by WIFE

By Natology

Culture Designers is introducing a new concept for Wednesdays developed to bring inspiration to the mid-week hump. This week we bring you the performance group WIFE, whose interactive work is bursting with magic.

WIFE is an all sensory theatrical experience, which can be described as a trinity of illusionary performance makers. Originating in Los Angeles, WIFE is the creative child of artists Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy, and Nina McNeely. The experiential storytellers combine surrealist visuals with original choreography, movement and dance to tell the story of a daughter, sister, and mother. Incorporating projection mapping and sculptural works, WIFE presents an illuminating experience that mixes old and new technologies to engage their audiences and resonate light in the collective unconscious.

“She is as a magician of picture and light, of movement and sound, reflecting rescued dreams and the subtleties of human behavior.”



The Symmetry of Yuri Tuma

By Natology

There is a universal formula at the basis of all design. Whether it’s in the three-dimensional structure of an atom or the blueprint of a building, a beautiful mathematical equation lays at the foundation of all form. To see the world in shapes, colors, and lines is a blessing. To capture it, mold it, construct it and deconstruct it is another story. Yuri Tuma sees the world in the form of abstract symmetry, which he’s applied to creating a visual language where images replace numbers and patterns shape the conversation.

Yuri Tuma is a Brazilian artist based in Miami, Florida whose art matches the balance of his personality and the vibrational frequency of his name. In other words, Tuma has a harmonious nature that is reflected in his work. He is a photographer who uses shapes and linear structure to develop symmetrical patterns that mirror the nature of design. There is a left-brain and right-brain balance in his work that merges math and intuition to illustrate an understanding of universal geometry. Represented by the established and rebellious Butter Gallery, Tuma has had four solo exhibitions (2008 – 2013) alongside group shows and art fairs in New York and Shanghai. In his fifth solo exhibition, Tuma presents Headlights at Product/81 Gallery, opening Saturday August 10, 2013 in Miami, Fl.  Commissioned by Fordistas, Headlights presents the study of formulaic patterns and optical-symmetry inspired by the headlights of Ford automobiles.. Tuma sees the application of nature’s patterns in man-made structures, which he presents through a kaleidoscopic lens that makes the inorganic, organic. Here’s a sneak peak of Tuma’s latest body of work for Fordistas! fordistas13EVITE




The Endless Art

by Guiseppe Bernstein

In the 1966 surf movie, The Endless Summer, the characters came up with an idea, that if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer around the world, making it endless. Nothing short of exactly what happens for many who are both financially capable and addicted to exclusivity of contemporary fine art, within white walls of climate controlled convention center corridors. It has become a lifestyle for myself.

Circumnavigating the world in the name of art will have you galloping Hong Kong to Venice in Spring, Basel, Switzerland to the Hamptons for Summer, London to New York City in Fall and finally Miami Beach to Los Angeles in the Winter. Of course there are many more art fairs and cities to visit in between, but I dare not even begin to take note or I will be finishing this post from the comfort of a private jet. The itinerant lifestyle of many art professionals has done some good for the local, less mobile art aficionados.

1 (more…)


By Suppin’Good

Berry Fool by Suppin'GoodBerry Fool by Suppin'Good

In 1977, my parents met in ESL class soon after immigrating to America.  Though I normally fuse the flavors of their countries’ desserts to my American palette (like orange blossom water and azuki beans,) this year I feel the need pay tribute to the red, white and blue with a simple, sweet treat: Berry Fool.  Fresh berries, berry sauce and thick cream are all you need.  Sometimes I get naughty and fold in some mascarpone to the whipped cream for extra body.  No need to get fancy, so use the absolute best ingredients you can find.


Cosmic Chronic : Dreamboat

By Natology

There’s a certain kind of creative magic that sparks when we move outside of our comfort zone to seek out adventures and build roots in other cities. The magic flourishes however, once reconnected with the community that raised you, enabling you capable of expanding that foundation with your new found inspiration. This is the case with Miami-NYC’s duo Dreamboat featuring Mickey de Grand IV and EDG4R. Both homegrown talents, Ryan left Miami for a couple years to study music theory, jazz, and orchestral composition at City College of New York before returning to Miami to collaborate with Edgar in creating their new label Cosmic Chronic. Since their early collaboration, Edgar moved to New York and brought Miami to Brooklyn, through their label, which focuses on releasing Miami-centric artists worldwide. Featuring the likes of Boogie, Electro-Funk, Future Funk, Postmodern Beats, and Dance, Cosmic Chronic has a next-level line up that’s bound to put a stamp on the map.

In their latest venture, the guys released Dreamboat’s new single Special Kiss 12’’ featuring a remix by Tom Noble (Disco Tom, Superior Elevation Records, Ligers Music). As Dreamboat, the collaboration combines lust-filled falsettos with dreamy synth composition made to give you a trip down nostalgia lane. So this is what happens when we move out of our hometown and build on experiences that inspire new projects while paying homage to our roots. I’m very excited about everything these two and the rest of the Cosmic Chronic team is working on these days. I’ll leave you with a little taste of what they have to offer alongside the new music video for Dreamboat’s Special Kiss. There is much more to be written about the music that’s being released by Cosmic Chronic, but here’s a little taste to wet your palette.

Cosmic Chronic Dreamboat[youtube]

Art Basel Hong Kong in Review

By Guiseppe Bernstein

Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Dominique Lévy Gallery

Andy Warhol works at Dominique Lévy Gallery

With Swiss-like punctuality and clock-time accuracy, everything ran extremely smooth. Galleries were perhaps second guessing what the Chinese buyers were looking for and as such the risks we associate with Art Basel in Miami Beach and Art Basel in Basel were missing. Video and installation works were lacking, instead there was an overwhelming amount of painting and sculpture. Having been to the VIP previews for art fairs across the US, I notice a hustle and hurry atmosphere in which American and European collectors are rushing to booths to buy pieces from their favorite artists. Most sales happen within the first 3 hours! But instead, ABHK seemed to be relaxed as the Ruinart champagne flowed. With over 60,000 visitors by the events end and sales just as strong from public offerings as those of the VIP, one would say this fair was a real crowd pleaser as consensus has been that its opening edition “ABHK played it safe.” That’s not to say sales weren’t happening, on the contrary. Opening in 2008 as ART Hong Kong to a city with relatively no art fair experience, it is now under Swiss management and the art festival set high standards for gallery selection. With fewer galleries admitted into the fair, the buyers that did come had a lot more space than accustomed to and new art collectors had time to walk booth to booth, go home and research, and then come back to purchase art throughout the duration of the fair as sales continued strong until the last day. (more…)

Never Forever

By Natology

Deconstructed shapes of black leather and wax, carefully layered, rebuilt and then draped in genius. That’s the Elliott Evan collection by designer Elliott Giffis. You see, there’s a math to building a great garment that goes far beyond the final product. Wearing a piece that’s drafted and constructed by an artist is what it’s all about. Elliott has a distinct way of constructing a garment that allows it to become an architectural piece. We love fashion because we love art, and that’s what we want to wear.

I met Elliott twelve months ago and will never forget the first time I went to his home in Downtown LA. My jaw dropped from the creative energy in the space. Layers of patterns carpeted the floor of his loft occupied only by sewing machines and a single mattress in the middle of the room. The rest of the space was filled with handmade jackets, which developed into his first collection. Elliott builds his garments similar to the way he builds a motorcycle. There’s a blueprint and an understanding of the human body that allows him to create comfortable, modular, and transformative work. Here are a couple videos to introduce you to Elliott and his process. If you’re in New York for fashion week, I highly recommend you see his show on February 7th.

[vimeo w=500&h=281] [vimeo w=500&h=281]>