Beached Miami

Bloggers in Arms: Beached Miami Marks its 2nd B-Day

Culture Designers Chats Up Co-Captain Jordan Melnick 

Miami’s an amazing place — you know it, we know it, and so does everyone else. But the Magic City’s blogs make our town just a bit more amazing. Of the small slew worthy of merit and mention is Beached Miami, which this Saturday night marks its Second Birthday with a blowout bash starring top-notch locals at that perennial hotspot known as The Stage. To celebrate the occasion — and to herald Beached’s continuous keen — Culture Designers got with co-captain Jordan Melnick. Here’s what he had to say:


Bloggers in Arms: Nightdrive Relaunches Miami’s Best Music Blog

If the early 20th will be remembered for the plethora of newspapers that then spread across the land, the early 21st will surely be remembered for the prevalence of blogs that have spread across the internet. Unlike their print predecessors of course, blogs are inherently world wide, and need not limit themselves to a particular geography. Nevertheless some of the very best of them do just that. Why? Because the global begins and ends at home, and nobody better covers the local than those who live there.


Super sketched out right now

Brett Campbell by Annie Blazejack

Last week, Facebook announced its new face recognition software and almost instantly, the “rabble-rabbles’s” from the privacy watchdogs took over the conversation. It might trouble them to know that a local organization is also launching a site to amass a public database with the portraits of every Miami resident.  But before you go updating your privacy settings, check out this post from Beached Miami, the New Times Best Blog winner for 2011, about the Sketchy Miami project.