Raw Rundown

Art is supposed to be for everyone. Raw Artists makes sure of that. When we visited Mixology, the July exhibition of the New Times winner for Best Art Collective of 2012 on Thursday were surprised to see a line streaming out of The Stage and around the corner before the doors even opened.

Beyond the expected crowd of friends and family supporting the up and coming artists who joined the monthly series, this was a crowd of curious and exited art lovers. As the exhibition’s name implies, the evening was an eclectic combination of film, fashion and visual art.

The Stage is always an excellent nightlife spot, but the fact that it’s not a traditional gallery space added to the raw feel. Artist put their stuff up any way they could, on every blank space. It was our first time checking out the series, but we’ll definitely be in line for the August showing of Radiate, Raw’s next exhibition.

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