Rachel Goodrich wants to make you famous…

…really it’s more like, “indie famous.” Local indie queen, “shake-a-billy” pioneer, and ukulele & kazoo enthusiast Rachel Goodrich is having another video contest, this time for her song “Na Na Na.” The contest ending September 1st is being held by Borscht Corp. and is also getting support from our local music mecca Sweat Records.

We want to see you move and dance to the tune “Na Na Na” any way you like!

We like all kinds of dances- interpretive, ballet, step, tap, jazz, breaking, modern, and are inviting everyone from professionals to friends in their living rooms to upload a video to YouTube and share the link with us!

You can be as simple or extravagant and creative as you like, there are no rules as long as it’s dancing to “Na Na Na.”

The best ones will be used in the official music video, 10 lucky winners will be given an autographed copy of Rachel’s CD, and one will be given a cash prize of $500! Even if you don’t win, you may still make it into the video directed by MayerLeyva.

I have to admit, Rachel had been under our radar until this point despite some big press, but we absolutely love her sound. She manages to rock a ukulele and a kazoo but still sound beautifully classic with her soulful and smoky voice. Best of all, her music and past videos are really fun and playful. This is feel good stuff, folks.

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