Press Play: Los Wálters

In an age of cornucopian music accessibility how can one thoughtfully curate a playlist without having an algorithm decide for you? Enter Culture Designers ®.  For those keeping a close eye on the emerging Caribbean electropop scene, one would be hard pressed to look over the Puerto Rican based band Los Wálters. Originally, an online collaboration between two members traveling between various cities including our home turf, they now have additional band members in their live act.

We chatted briefly with Los Wálters at our HQ, Product/81 creative lab.

Lauren: Break down the international collaboration process.

Ángel: We started out in Puerto Rico and had different music projects in the beginning.I was in Philly and he was in Barcelona, it really started as an experiment. For the first EP [extended player], we met in Philly.

Luis: I saw snow!

Ángel: We got in the studio for 5 days and that’s what came out.  It started as a random thing, and it evolved.

Luis: Turtle studios also inspired us in Philly because they have more Blues and Jazz.

Lauren: What are your musical influences loosely?

Ángel: I think it’s a mix between what we write, the lyrics inspired by more Spanish songs. We start with a beat. More English speaking bands for the beat, but we put in this Spanish flavor.

Luis: Like New Order, more dance with the 80’s influence. Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk too.  Newer bands from Australia like Cut Copy. All the bands that started adding the Funk like Italo-Disco.

Ángel: We try also try to keep influences from Puerto Rico. You always hear instruments like maracas, congas, bongas, timbales. We use those sounds, electronically.

Los Wálters Isla Disco dropped late last month and is definitely worth checking it out, in fact do yourself a favor and explore the rest of their catalogue. This is a band to watch.  Once you do that, go see them live at House of Creatives Music Festival this Saturday November 19th!

Los Wálters

WORDS BY: Lauren Ruiz

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