Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Vic

Vic Oh invites you on a mystical adventure, a land you may or may not have seen, but one that connects you to the universe. Whether or not you hold her hand doesn’t matter. She’s more concerned about you holding your own hand; about you being your own guide and partner. She wants to take you on a journey, one that you may or may not be ready for, but that’s not the point. Dive in anyways –get your spirit right with the creator and go for it.

Looking at Vic Oh’s work is transcendental. Whether you gaze into one for hours or a few minutes, the same results will take place. You will awaken. And it is in this moment you will feel all the cords tied one to the other, one to you and me, one to she, one to Vic Oh –forever outward, searching, digging, swimming, wondering, winding, wielding.

Do not hesitate a second longer, steady yourself for artistic immersion with Vic Oh and her spirit clan.

There seems to be a vision beyond mere visual pleasure, a vision of ancient and futuristic proportions –one that tethers us to a past and future we can only realize by going inside of ourselves. Her pieces beckon us to be still, silent. The meditative flow that comes oozing out makes us both us and not us, old and young, him and her, yes and no, within and without. To engage with Vic Oh’s work is to engage in self-exploration, to create missing pieces, to uncover past and future links.

© “Cosmic Falls” 24x24cm Commissioned work

The ethereal floating is stunning and should be experienced time and time again. Keep looking, stay focused, don’t look away. Close your eyes and Vic Oh’s pieces will be there on the retina, spinning, vibrating, asking you questions. What is it all about? What does this shape mean to me? What is my shape? What does it mean to the universe? How do these shapes connect? Only you have the answer, viewer. The inward looking feels like Vic Oh’s mission. Do not confuse this with naval gazing, this much more profound–this is chasing planets and stars far beyond our reach.


© My first artwork on a black Canvas
“Dark Matter”
2016 26 x 20 cm
Posca and plastic figures on canvas

The mission comes alive when the viewer understands that interacting with an Vic Oh work is engaging in self and in the universe. Yes, it’s that deep. It’s sacred. Her work comes in black and white forms that are amoebic and speak of altered states, they cyphers twirling on themselves and gyrating the tie between your body and spirit, they are codes ready to be deciphered.

© “Rosahringur Minni Revisited II” Circle of Protection in Icelandic magic. 100×100 cm Acrylic – Posca – Rothring

Vic Oh seems to work with a steady hand and an even sharper mind. Combining colors and lines as if sent to her from above; as if she’s in good with the spirits and they translate their language to her in pattern and palette. There’s something omnipotent about what she’s doing and it feels like there’s more to come, much more. It feels like we’re watching the unraveling of an artist who is tangling us into her very work. We become the work. We are stitched in.

Paintings feel like diagrams to a heart center, directions to another galaxy, formulas to how to get where you need to go. While there is great methodical care give to each piece, the free-form energy is tangible. There’s a weaving in and out, being between spaces, understanding how significant having spaces above and below are for expansion and evolution. She gets something that some of us don’t, but if we become followers, if we follower her lead, her belief system scribed on canvas and paper and wood, we’re sure to be the thing we need to be. Vic Oh persuades a self-journey process in all of us. She conjures those who have come before, heeds advice and listens to wisdom, then she gets to work crafting bodies of work that are bodies of us.


© “Draumstafir Revisited II”
Magical icelandic rune to dream about what the heart desires.
2016 – 20cm – acrylic and posca

Vic Oh’s works transpire together as a collective. They do not conspire, but they might if that’s what the universe thinks you need. You see, Vic Oh’s cosmic paintings are what you need them to be, what you want them to be, and even what you might not want them to be. For the universe presents us with art like this because we’re ready. We’re ready for the trip. Don’t close your eyes, stay alert, and let yourself fall deep under the influence of geometric shapes, runes, and ancient symbols. Be ready to astral travel, find yourself in another dimension, connect with source. All of this could happen when you stare directly into her work, but what is sure to happen is that you will get out of her work what you need to get out of it. It’s that simple. Yet equally complex. Much like Vic Oh’s work.

Find Vic Oh in Paris @ Rivoli 59, Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook.


WORDS BY:  Jacklyn Janeksela

jacklyn janeksela, MFA is an artist and an energy. Find her work @ art mugre, jota cuadrada, &female filet. Her music with The Velblouds @ band camp.

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