NiteCapping: Peter Bailey Brings a Little Selma to Little Haiti

In the decade and change since Peter Bailey unleashed a set of eye-opening drive-bys for Newsweek and Time, he delivered an acclaimed three-part series for The Miami Herald “On the Margins” and helped turn Trick Daddy’s tall tale into a MTV/Gallery Books memoir (Magic City: Trials of a Native Son). But it was with 2010’s launch of NBC Miami where Bailey truly found his place in the media landscape.

That place was a video series called NiteCap, and its succession of high profile gets did much to put both Bailey and NBC6 on the digital map. It also helped showcase Miami in ways few folks had yet to envision.

Five years and countless interviews on NiteCap’s still goin’ strong as ever, and Bailey’s talent for nabbing the likes of Big Sean, 50 Cent and Waka Flocka Fame have made him one of Magic City’s most notable interrogators.

This Thursday Bailey continues apace with NiteCap Live, which features no less a double-plus than Omar J. Dorsey, who’s star turns on screens big and small have put him at the peak of drama city.

Of course that’s not news to anyone whose caught Dorsey in cinematic wonders such as Selma or Django Unchained or televised wiles like Rake and Ray Donovan. But Dorsey’s goin’ face-to-face with Bailey at The Little Haiti Cultural Center is news, not to mention an event that’s not-to-be missed.

Omar J. Dorsey and Peter Bailey with students and staff of Booker T Sr High. 2/26/15

Omar J. Dorsey and Peter Bailey with students and staff of Booker T Sr High. 2/26/15

Also on the bill, Booker T. Washington Senior High students staging a significant set piece, as well as LHCC’s ongoing photo exhibition, “I Am A Man: Images of Protest”, brought to life by by The City of Miami, Little Haiti Cultural Complex, Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, Future.Roots.Collective, Iris PhotoCollective, The Miami Herald, The Memphis Commercial Appeal and curated by Marie Vickles.

Here’s what Peter Bailey had to say about the latest edition of NiteCap Live.

What’s the story behind Nitecap?

I created NiteCap Live as the first authentic experience where stars get to speak directly with the people’s whose lives they influence. The show is the offshoot of my digital series “NiteCap” that’s become hugely popular, featured on MTV, BET and elsewhere.

Who gave the most memorable interview?

My conversation with Lil Boosie on our take of black on black crime went viral. A few college professors even had students write papers on it.

Speaking of which, how’d you come to land Omar J. Dorsey?

Omar reached out to me 2 years ago on twitter and told me he was a fan of the show and how NiteCap humanizes stars. Considering the relevance of Selma right now and the racially-charged Ferguson it’s the perfect climate for us to sit-down.

Why’d you decide to Nitecap him at LHCC?

I wanted to bring an inspirational space to the inner-city. I wanted to create an oasis where people think there’s a desert. In essence NiteCap Live can stir a cultural and economic revival in Miami’s inner-city.

What else is goin’ on that night?

I have the drama students from Booker T. Senior performing an original play to open the show which focuses on civil unrest.

How would you sum up the whole of the night?

“An Experience in Truth”.

Any other Peter Bailey news we need to know about before you go-go?

I’m working on my next book called Pretty which focuses on the story of a young lady’s battle to find love in a star-studded world.

NiteCap Live with Omar J. Dorsey et al takes place Thursday February 26th 7pm at The Little Haiti Cultural Complex 212-260 NE 59th Terrace Little Haiti. For more information log on here.

WORDS BY John Hood


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