MR. Herget Gets Regal at Shienbaum

He’s muraled everywhere from Alberto Linero to Hyde Beach, grouped up at SCOPE and Fountain, and collaborated with the one-and-only Peter Tunney. He’s been featured in Juxtapoz and Chasseur, and has hung heavy with Hangar. He is the undefinable and indefatigable talent known as MR. Herget, and with “We Are Kings”, he’s now gone regally solo at Gregg Shienbaum. See for yourself beginning August 7th.

For those who don’t yet know, who (and what) is MR. Herget?

MR. Herget is Matthew Ryan Herget (my full name). A 23-year-old creator from Miami. I have fire in my eyes and have dedicated my life to consistent growth, expansion, and advancement in all areas of my life. I’m here to build and expand and do it in a way that everyone around me will be able to do the same.

Your site claims you’re also an “Explorer. Magnet. Biohacker. Elifint. [and] Citizen of The Universe.Just what is a Biohacker?

A biohacker is one who alters his own biology with the mindset of a hacker. The things they eat, how they sleep, how they think, what they read, and how they do little everyday things in such a way that gives them “super human” abilities. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s real. Example: Every morning I drink the cleanest coffee beans on the planet, with about 4-5 tablespoons of grass fed butter, and one tablespoon of MCT oil. I can go through an entire day with incredible energy and focus by simply drinking this drink.

And an Elifint?

Elifint is my brand. At this moment it is my logo and everything I do with it. Right now I am focusing on my fine art but when the time is right I will branch off into an incredible full-on creative brand. Clothes, shoes, furniture, architecture, etc.

Gotcha. How does that all play out in “We Are Kings”?

We Are Kings is about making something bigger than yourself. Making something that can stand the test of time and last forever. That’s my thing. The elephant logo is just that. It’s something that will live on forever and everything I do is to ensure that. Being a biohacker allows me to live a certain way. A certain way that ensures that every single day I have laser focus and incredible energy to allow me to get everything I need done that day, done.

What’s behind the title anyway?

We Are Kings is my quest for self-mastery. The achievement of being king of my mind, thoughts, fears, actions, and essentially myself. The ultimate plot of land is the mind and if you can take dominion over that, you can do anything else. We all have the hereditary right to do this. Essentially it is the only true thing we can rule over. We Are Kings.

Was there one particular thought/notion/image/theme/etc which initially sparked the new onslaught of works?

Yes, I went to the MOMA a few months ago and I cried when I saw the Starry Night for the first time. I knew right then and there that it all made sense to me. I knew why I do what I do. It’s to move people. Move myself. Make things better and a lot more fucking awesome. Whether that be someone waking up in the morning to a painting of mine or if they see a photo I took or read some words of mine. That’s what touched me and pushed me towards where I’m going now.

Do you feel as if you’ve achieved your desired effect?

Absolutely. I could spend an hour telling you about how we came to this point but I’ll just make it short. Absolutely. Everything is amazing. I wanted my “Chapter 1” as I call it, to be the very best I have to offer at this point in my life and it is. I’m going to get better. A lot better but at this point I gave it everything I had and I can’t ask for anything else right now. I’m just learning and improving both my skills and mindset. I have a lot more to come but I promise this show is exactly what I visualized two years ago. I know it’s cliche but really so much blood, sweat, and tears happened over this show. Couldn’t be more grateful for how it happened.

How’d you come to show at Shienbaum (and how important has both gallerist and gallery been to the process/result)?

I can’t ask for a better person to be my “frontman” for this show. He was actually the very first gallery I ever stepped foot in when I first found Wynwood. I showed him my art, he kind of dismissed it a bit (I knew it wasn’t where it needed to be), and right before I walked out, I told him “I’ll have a show with you. I’ll be in this gallery.” He can confirm that story. He’s so passionate about art. I have picked his mind for almost three years now. I would come in all the time and just shoot the shit with him and learn. As my art improved, he took notice, and since we already had established a good relationship it was an easy move.

MR. Herget’s “We Are Kings” opens August 7th, 6-9pm at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art 2239 NW 2nd Avenue Wynwood.

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WORDS BY John Hood


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