Krisp Doubles Up the Action this Second Saturday

They said it couldn’t be done. Which was the wrong thing to say if they really didn’t want it to happen. See there’s a certain set of folks who take “No” for a green light and use doubt as if it were ammunition. To these types saying something can’t be done is akin to giving ‘em a back-handed push forward toward a follow-through; a follow-through those naysayers nayed in the first place.

Okay, so we hyperbolize. This really didn’t happen like that at all. When the Krisp cat Dean Taha first got with Product/81 point men Joel Fernandez and Alex Fernandez-Casais about having the band play the latter’s infamous Wynwood art house, nobody said anything couldn’t be done — they all just agreed it couldn’t be done then. Why? Krisp was on a hiatus. That’s why. Not surprising since the lads had spent the better part of their two year existence wowing Miamians in every joint that would have ‘em. So as much as the keen young guns wanted to step up to the stage for the opening of Brian Butler’s wowful and whimsical Fordistas 8Let’s Get Lost, the time just wasn’t right.

Then it happened. The lights went out in Wynwood smack dab in the middle of June’s Second Saturday. It was a prime time blackout, on the primest stretch of Second Avenue, and it left Artwalkers without a way to see the glory of the coming of the miniature golf overlord. It also meant Let’s Get Lost would have to take a Mulligan, and stand through July too. When Taha found out Butler’s creations would remain another 30 days he booked Krisp forthwith. And this time the timing would be perfect.

A fast chat with singer Juan Ledesma (who with Alex Lopez, Charlie Woods and Jason Mavila is Krisp) puts the booking squarely on Taha’s shoulders, but it can’t for a minute diminish how enthused he himself is that this is now going down.

“Dean’s out there, everywhere, day after day and night after night,” says Ledesme, “and we trust him to bring us what works best. We’d heard of Brian, and everybody knows about Product/81. So when Dean came in with a proposal we play the show’s re-opening, we jumped at the chance. We’d been itching to play Product/81 for the longest while anyway; now that itch can be scratched.”

Of course the Product/81 show won’t be Krisp’s first Second Saturday staging, let alone their first foray into the wilds of Wynwood. Prior Art Walk actions have included both the groovy Gab Studio and that with-it once-a-month blowout known as Oh, Really, which is held in MAPS well-appointed backyard. There’ve also been stagings at Daniel Wills’ wowful Armory Studios, Amir Ben-Zion’s awesome Bardot, as well as the ever-kinetic Electric Pickle (for a Basel bang-up alongside Miami Horror).

This will though be the first time that Krisp doubles up their Second Saturday action and takes to two separate venues. Yep, you heard correctly, Krisp will be playing twice this Second Saturday night, first amid the putt-putt splendor at Product/81; then back at The Electric Pickle, for a post-Walk set which is sure to put a skip into everybody’s step.

But fret not fans, for neither one of Krisp’s bound to be killer sets will be like the last — or the next.

“We’re gonna play a less-structured set at Product/81,” says Ledesma, “more free form. We might try out a new song or two; maybe even do a cover. Who knows? At Pickle we’re gonna be perfectly Krisp.”

Ledesma, who actually doubles as a visual artist and in fact can currently be seen at Disapora Vibe’s Freedom Tower exhibition, undoubtedly sees the doubling of shows to be an excellent chance for fans to see another side of Krisp — not to mention a dynamite way to catch the band twice on a Second Saturday night. We for one can’t help but to concur.

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