Jasper Finn, Canvases that Clap Back

Art has no boundaries, it knows no rules and it breaks stigmas –at least that’s what Jasper Finn’s art seems to be saying. Despite Jasper Finn’s young age, eh hem 18 years old, Finn’s spirit is all wisdom. As if Finn comes from an ageless, all-inclusive era where non-binary reigns supreme and social concepts fade away; where guidelines are almost laughable because in the art world anything goes. Where Finn dwells seems to go beyond our earthly definition of freedom and incorporates mantras of live and let live.

Finn destroys, too –extinguishes pre-conceived notions about what a young body and mind can do. With images in high contrasting colors, blended with equal parts surrealist slants and honest edges, there is a definite future for Finn, a transgender, queer, LGBTIA+ supporter and art energy. Finn isn’t afraid to strut, so to speak, in the artistic realm. Being a transgender queer identifying artist makes Finn’s endeavors incredibly timely considering all the backlash around the world regarding transgendered humans. Finn is a voice for humans, for the human experience, whatever that may be. It is a voice that could save lives –if only we’re ready to listen. Art speaks, in this case it screams.


When Finn’s school tried to censor their art, Finn was not only reluctant, but decidedly fearless. Finn was not about shutting down their art for the sake of social norms. Finn didn’t stop –rather, they foraged an artistic platform that eventually won Finn top awards from his school’s College Board, despite the administration requesting Finn to choose more appropriate themed artwork.


Finn reminds us that when we fuel our art with passion and purity, blessings are bestowed upon us. Whether in the form of awards or internet fame, staying true to self and the artistic journey’s speaks volumes about our character, who we are and what we want to do with this life. It’s clear Finn dreams to emerge themselves in that artistic life, be authentic AF, and give zero f*$#s about critics input, proves that Finn is on a mission that can’t and won’t be stopped.

Let’s not call Finn brave or wise for their age, that would only insinuate that young people can’t understand either concept which is rather ridiculous. It also, and quietly possibility, undermines another human’s experience. For how does one know the soul of another if not living within that body, how can we know what the body feels like if we are outside of it and it’s not our own experience. Finn lives in a body that can feel confining and create confusion. But these concepts are social-based and full of stereotypes. Finn aims to rescind such binary categorizations. While peeling back layers of self that break free of definitions and titles, Finn can delve into pools of self that most will never touch. And it appears that Finn swims freely, albeit with heavy emotions –the mermaid swirlings abound and Finn is the prettiest fish in the pond.

Finn has expressed vulnerability with pieces like “Caged” and “Growing Pains”. Both address issues of body as related to assigned genders and biological genitals. When gazing at Finn’s art one knows that the artist has a way of dissecting and depicting that which many of us might be afraid to discuss.

The main focus of Finn’s art is humanity for the motif is about the human experience. All human experiences are valid and each one valuable. No two experiences are exact –there is something incredibly breathtaking about that idea. Finn recognizes the beauty that rests inside each individual’s experience, absorbs it, rests with it for a while, then creates it –distributes it for the world to see, for us to swallow whole –ingest and digest. Art for Finn is self, self manifested on canvas. And Finn’s canvases clap back at anyone who portends to ignore, minimize, or criticize the artist’s perspective.

So not only is Finn’s art giving major clapback, it’s also provoking all who view to applaud, like stand up with shoulder back, yelling out, encore or bravo or yes, you are giving me life. And hats and wigs off to Finn for listening to that inner voice, the ether, and letting universe guide their art. Not only should artist take note, but all humans should listen closely. There’s nothing like living true to self and nothing like a canvas that claps back. This is art done with 100% pure ether and listens only to the calling, the calling to be self and nothing else.

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WORDS BY:  Jacklyn Janeksela

jacklyn janeksela, MFA is an artist and an energy. Find her work @ art mugrejota cuadrada, &female filet. Her music with The Velblouds @ band camp.


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