Get Inspired by WIFE

By Natology

Culture Designers is introducing a new concept for Wednesdays developed to bring inspiration to the mid-week hump. This week we bring you the performance group WIFE, whose interactive work is bursting with magic.

WIFE is an all sensory theatrical experience, which can be described as a trinity of illusionary performance makers. Originating in Los Angeles, WIFE is the creative child of artists Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy, and Nina McNeely. The experiential storytellers combine surrealist visuals with original choreography, movement and dance to tell the story of a daughter, sister, and mother. Incorporating projection mapping and sculptural works, WIFE presents an illuminating experience that mixes old and new technologies to engage their audiences and resonate light in the collective unconscious.

“She is as a magician of picture and light, of movement and sound, reflecting rescued dreams and the subtleties of human behavior.”



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