Creative Control: If Tech Is Made to Be Addictive, ‘We’re F*cked’

It’s almost cliché to say that our lives are becoming more and more dependent on technology, but the

Youth is a Breathtaking Dive into the Meaning of Legacy

It seems necessary to point out from the very beginning that nothing really happens in Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, Youth. But the film is nonetheless one of the most powerful, enjoyable, and moving films of the year. From the opening shot the viewer is transported to a visually striking microcosm of time and space. Centered

A Nuanced Look at the Meaning of Home at the Heart of Brooklyn

Brooklyn, based on Colm Tóibín’s book of the same name, is many things. The story of a young immigrant making her way in America. A complicated love story that eschews easy answers. A look at the bonds between two sisters an ocean apart. Each facet Eilis Lacey’s tale is fascinating, beautiful, and nuanced. But the

Suffragettes: The Story of a Working Class Woman’s Gradual Political Awakening

History has a way of defanging heroes. Time and distance can smooth out the rough edges, take away the radicalism that defined them in relation to their time, and eventually they become little more than black and white pictures in history books. It took less than a century for that to happen to the Suffrage