Bloggers in Arms: Beached Miami Marks its 2nd B-Day

Culture Designers Chats Up Co-Captain Jordan Melnick 

Miami’s an amazing place — you know it, we know it, and so does everyone else. But the Magic City’s blogs make our town just a bit more amazing. Of the small slew worthy of merit and mention is Beached Miami, which this Saturday night marks its Second Birthday with a blowout bash starring top-notch locals at that perennial hotspot known as The Stage. To celebrate the occasion — and to herald Beached’s continuous keen — Culture Designers got with co-captain Jordan Melnick. Here’s what he had to say:

What (and who) the hell is Beached Miami?

Short answer: Beached Miami is a blog that explores Miami culture, including music, arts, and the bike scene. My good buddy Robby Campbell and I launched the site two years ago as a challenge to ourselves, both Miami natives, to see our hometown anew. Since then, we’ve had more than 50 contributors, including people like our music editor, William Alton, who is an unsung hero of the site.

If you had to sum up Beached’s mission in a sentence (or three), what would it be?

A good catchall for Beached Miami is that it challenges the fun-and-sun stereotype of Miami without pretending that that stereotype is utterly false. We cast a critical eye on Miami culture and we do our best to contribute to local awesomeness in various ways, including by throwing fun events (like the one on Saturday) and launching innovative online projects, most notablySketchyMiami.

What compelled you to launch such an endeavor anyway?

Personally, I had just moved back to Miami from Chicago and I didn’t want to fall into a rut. My background is in journalism and music and art are both passions, so I decided to launch a blog that brought all of that together.

What keeps you keeping it going?

Again speaking personally, I love the site. It’s my baby. From a more general perspective, I think Beached Miami serves an important function in the local mediascape. A lot of what we’ve done — a crowdsourced epic poem dedicated to Miami! — simply has no home elsewhere in this city.

Who all will be on hand to help celebrate Beached’s 2nd Bday?

We’ve got two great Miami bands, Krisp and Palette Town, performing live, Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin doing a DJ set, and Ms. Cheezious serving up grilled cheese all night. Plus, of course, everyone else who comes out to party.

Why’d you decide to throw down at The Stage?

It’s a cool place with good sound that hosts good music and is run by good people. ‘Nuff said.

Any other Beached matters you’d like to tell us about before we go-go?

Right now, we’re focused on the party. You canRSVPonFacebook and prepay (at a $5 discount) here.

WORDS BY John Hood

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