Bloggers in Arms: Nightdrive Relaunches Miami’s Best Music Blog

If the early 20th will be remembered for the plethora of newspapers that then spread across the land, the early 21st will surely be remembered for the prevalence of blogs that have spread across the internet. Unlike their print predecessors of course, blogs are inherently world wide, and need not limit themselves to a particular geography. Nevertheless some of the very best of them do just that. Why? Because the global begins and ends at home, and nobody better covers the local than those who live there.

Miami has no shortage of blogs willing to devote themselves to our backyard, and three of them are about to mark milestones. The first, Nightdrive, is actually in the midst of a relaunch, which they’ll be celebrating at Electric Pickle. The other two — Soul of Miami and Beached Miami  — are both soon to celebrate birthdays (their fourth and second, respectively), and we’ll soon be giving them coincident due. These are our bloggers in arms, and we here at Culture Designers salute them all.

Earlier this year Miami New Times rated Nightdrive  Best Music Blog (Bill Cooke’s Random Pixels got overall Best Blog, and it’s a distinction they’ve gone to great lengths to earn. Headed by Laura (of Miami) and Patrick Walsh, and bolstered by an increasingly resounding cadre of bloggers and DJs, among them Mr. Brown, Terence Tabeau, Stravinsky and Pirate Stereo, Nightdrive not only tips Miami to the best of what’s happening soundwise, it actually brings to town some of the world’s best soundslingers.

Previous Nightdrive offerings include French electronic artist named Anoraak (at Bardot and Battles at Grand Central; upcoming events include August’s The Drive Tour and September’s Kavinsky (both Grand Central). For the Electric Pickle relaunch they’re bringing in Rayko, who, as Walsh told NBC Miami, is “one of our favorite DJs” and one of the producers he “personally looks up to”. Add the pair’s recent appointment as Music Directors at Wynwood Radio and their rumored teaming with the gang from Slap & Tickle and, well, one gets the sense that Best Music Blog will be the least of what Nightdrive is known for.

Nightdrive blog relaunch takes place Thursday July 12 at The Electric Pickle 2826 N Miami Avenue Wynwood. For more information log on here.


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