Art Baby Gallery, Where Digital Art Comes to Kick It

When you go to Art Baby Gallery, you realize you should’ve been here a long time ago. When you arrive, you feel a big yes building up in your throat and you get kind of obsessed at first click. When you witness Art Baby Gallery, you know you’re seeing something that must continue to be in this world for as long as man and machine co-exist–– which is like forever, we suspect. Art Baby Gallery is sure to spawn babies and siblings, fetuses, floral and fauna, and more; she is on the brink of birthing a whole future generation of Internet art and artists.

Art Baby Gallery

Rebecca Storm


Digital art is nothing new. Nor is the idea of producing or displaying art online. We’ve been making digital art as early as the 1970s; since humans have formed relationships with machines, we’ve created some pretty amazing, radical, and sometimes strange things –there’s no stopping the unstoppable duo. And it’s obvious that computers and humans go hand in hand; the chemistry is tangible, so thick you can cut it not only with a knife, but with a digital knife or a pixelated tongue or computer-drawn switchblade.

Art Baby Gallery

Gabby Bess + Samantha Conlon

Founded and run by Grace Miceli, who is an internet artist herself, Art Baby Gallery expands notions of what a gallery should and could be. The challenge lies in the traditional space that an art gallery normally evokes. Miceli deconstructs that. She’s built an online platform where viewing can be done in private, at one’s own pace, at the complete pleasure and leisure of the viewer, and without any pressure from the outside world. Just going into the world can be hard these days; and entering art galleries can sometimes feel intimidating. Art Baby Gallery lets you browse and admire from your cozy bed, messy desk, and/or bathroom. You can literally see several exhibits in one day and all in your underwear. How dope is that? Miceli’s approach might not be novel, however, she is exclusive in the art she includes on the site; which seems to be selected from digitally-based artists, artists who make art for art’s sake, marginalized and anti-establishment artist. Not to mention that fact that she’s opened a space for artists who might not have had the opportunity or a place to display their work. Miceli is an internet art faerie with her own brand of glittery magic dust.

Art Baby Gallery

Ayqa Khan

Shattering standard notions about what an art gallery experience should look and feel like, Art Baby proves to the art world that ideas are meant to be messed with and challenged. Giving the viewer an in-home art gallery experience where one doesn’t have to even leave the couch demonstrates the power of art and empowers artists to reach beyond the walls of a typical gallery setting. Now, the possibilities are endless. Now art not only breaks boundaries, but breaks the forth wall. It’s not just up close and personal, it’s all up in your private space, in your face. Art like this is intimate and raw. And this is the future of art, thanks to Art Baby Gallery.

Art Baby Gallery

Jazmine Weber

The goal is to empower artists in every which way. Whether that means supporting work that might be less mainstream, granting space to art that might not be otherwise chosen by a gallery, or praising work for its genuine content and not its ability to commodify the industry –Art Baby Gallery indulges art for the sake of art. And in doing so is building a community which is what art is all about in the first place.

Art Baby Gallery

India K

India K

More so today than ever before, online sectors for art and artistic endeavors is growing. Art Baby is one step ahead of the game and is already doing IRL exhibitions and teaming up with other galleries to throw functions and hangouts that promote art and not dollars. In a world where money fuels the majority of projects, Art Baby seems to be giggling, blowing bubbles, and creating despite the capitalist monster. Art Baby seems to be saying, Take that art world. She can do that because she’s got her own mission and vision; she’s already got her own scene. So go ahead and jump into the waters, surf the inter-waves and webs of Art Baby, and chill out for a minute; there’s always time to kick it with art when Art Baby Gallery is around. And she’s around, she’s but a few clicks away.

Art Baby Gallery

Mariana Pacho López

Art Baby Gallery can be found here & here.

Grace Miceli can be found here & here; her shop Art Baby Girl here.

WORDS BY:  Jacklyn Janeksela

jacklyn janeksela, MFA is an artist and an energy. Find her work @ art mugre, jota cuadrada, &female filet. Her music with The Velblouds @ band camp.

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