Super sketched out right now

Brett Campbell by Annie Blazejack

Last week, Facebook announced its new face recognition software and almost instantly, the “rabble-rabbles’s” from the privacy watchdogs took over the conversation. It might trouble them to know that a local organization is also launching a site to amass a public database with the portraits of every Miami resident.  But before you go updating your privacy settings, check out this post from Beached Miami, the New Times Best Blog winner for 2011, about the Sketchy Miami project.

Sketchy Miami is encouraging residents to submit photographs of themselves to the site to be sketched out by local artists, creating a unique display of all the beauty and diversity the people of Miami can offer. The incredibly ambitious project is also a great way to draw some attention to local talent. The site is having its official launch party just up the block from our gallery at Lesters Cafe on June 30th, where there will be free food and cheap drinks. Our entire Yo ♥ 305 family will definitely be in attendance.

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