La Maschine – Zhivago Duncan’s Diabolical Contraption

Pop cult throwbacks probably think of director David Lean’s classic Doctor when they hear the name Zhivago; those purely pure purists likely take it all the way back to Boris Pasternak, who wrote the Revolutionary novel that became the epic motion picture. Here in Wynwood however, Zhivago means only one thing: Zhivago Duncan, perhaps the most vivid visualist to hit the ‘hood since the ‘hood’s been worth hitting.

We hyperbolize, of course, somewhat anyway. Wynwood’s had more art wow per square foot in the past few years than any other ‘hood in the whole wild world (take that Chelsea and Culver City). Nevertheless, Zhivago Duncan’s most diabolical contraption (which was unveiled at Fredric Snitzer last week and can be seen throughout April) raised the wonder bar considerably. Maybe it was his mad scientist approach that made it all more so; then again, maybe it’s just unmitigated keen. Either way, the Berlin-based visionist’s Maschine did just what visionaries are supposed to do — it opened eyes as wide as skies.


See for yourself below, and if by chance you run into Zhivago before he heads back to Berlin next week, tell him his shimmering show was anything but “Futile.”

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