Dreaming Her Next Poem: A Chat with Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari

Words stacked on words stacked on bodies stacked on memories stacked on history stacked on truth stacked on


FILMS TO WATCH: ‘About Elly’

First released in Iran in 2009, Asghar Farhadi’s film About Elly has finally made its U.S. theatrical debut following acquisition by Cinema Guild late last year. The film was the first Farhadi wrote, directed and produced, predating the Oscar winning A Separation by two years. Although About Elly was not nominated for an Academy Award,


Samara Golden: The Flat Side of the Knife

Installed over two floors in the Duplex gallery of MoMA PS1 in Queens is a M.C. Escher meets American Horror Story Asylum installation designed by artist Samara Golden for her first solo exhibition at a museum. The name of the show transforms a banal object into one of psychological contemplation by highlighting not its intended


What Your Taste in Music Says About Your Social Status

Whether you know all the words to T-Swift’s “Bad Blood” or enjoy winding down to reggae, it turns out the songs on your iTunes and Pandora stations say more about you than you think



Netflix may be everyone’s favorite way to catch a flick at home, but it can be easy to lose obscure titles in the mass of films available. To help you get the most out of your Netflix experience — and maybe find a new favorite movie — we’ll be bringing your attention to films that


#FBF: For the Love of Pencils

Fitting for a Flash Back Friday, Culture Designers chatted with 24-year-old Caroline Weaver, owner of C.W. Pencil Enterprise, a tiny but totally Instagram-worthy boutique that still believes in communicating in a way that some may consider passé—I mean, it came before texting but luckily post quill feathers and ink. Behold: the simple, long-standing pencil. And