HOPPY CULTURE DESIGN: A curated beer & cider tasting

The discipline of understanding culture is a funny, sociological journey: How it comes to be, its innards and crevices, and eventually how to design the unique little zeitgeists that form when humans gather in clusters and interact with each other. There are a million different angles and approaches to begin culture design, literally hundreds of


hustle*: Hardcore Boxed-In

Being a stripper is hardcore. It’s not about the acrobatics or the art of stripping that makes it hardcore, that stuff comes later; this is if you want those tricks of the trade to be part of your repertoire. Some settle for their own version of stage work, I being one of them. It makes


Art Baby Gallery, Where Digital Art Comes to Kick It

When you go to Art Baby Gallery, you realize you should’ve been here a long time ago. When you arrive, you feel a big yes building up in your throat and you get kind of obsessed at first click. When you witness Art Baby Gallery, you know you’re seeing something that must continue to be


The Sunroom: Poetry in Schools

It is Wednesday, December 7 and fourth graders from Poinciana Park Elementary in Liberty City gather in the school media center to read original poetry to an audience of teachers, parents and neighbors. Behind them are broadsides featuring more poems, beside which are black and white portraits of the poets. On a table is a


Decolonize This Place: Truth behind Museum Walls

The world is for the taking. It can be bought and sold like any slave because we are slaves; this is about color, yes, but the issue being highlighted is the socio-economic infrastructure of this country and others. These systems have been put into motion to keep the rich in place, to keep the elite


hustle*: Clients Oh Clients

hustle* Clients Oh Clients Most of my clients were of the seasoned variety; retired, or very close to it –grey or greying, at the very least salt and peppered. With their working life behind them and not much left ahead, they wandered in bubbles of pre-existing youth and unrequited dreams. They stumbled between death and