Heather Benjamin: Doing Erotica Right

Take 70s porn, let it collide with 1950s comics, add a dash of cartoon humor and dirty lines and you’ve got something called Heather Benjamin. Well, that’s almost right. To look at a work of Heather Benjamin is almost like looking at your own vagina in the mirror. It’s both breathtaking and strange, it reminds


Welcome to the Miami Zine Fair

New York. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Austin. Now, Miami. All these cities have one thing in common: zine fairs.  In just a few short years, the Miami Zine Fair has grown exponentially.  Switching hands in true Miami form, it began as another event in the already brimming O,Miami Poetry Festival calendar.  Under different leadership, the


Afrobeta’s Magic Poetry Bus

Leave it to O, Miami Poetry Festival and local favorites Afrobeta to create a travelling poetry festival, as if a whole month of projects and events across the Miami-Dade County were not enough. This year, Cucy and Tony of Afrobeta roam the town in a Bluebird school bus redesigned and refurbished by Miami’s own DJ


The Operating System: Détournement Radical Documentation with Lynne DeSilva-Johnson

The Operating System is not a conventional place in any sense of the word. It is a press, a community, a space for building, growing, and sharing –it’s a village of humans doing what they love most, what they feel the world needs, and giving what they can from deep within themselves. It might be


This is Little Havana

It’s 1:25 PM and we are in Little Havana. A man in a tricycle is standing by our car. He looks irritated asking a tourist for money to take his photo. His mode of transportation is filled with objects like pots of plants, a mannequin head donning a helmet, sunglasses, something that appears to be


Oh, The Places You’ll Go With Vic

Vic Oh invites you on a mystical adventure, a land you may or may not have seen, but one that connects you to the universe. Whether or not you hold her hand doesn’t matter. She’s more concerned about you holding your own hand; about you being your own guide and partner. She wants to take