Kingdom North is Not Imaginary, Just Ask Josh

JOSH, a dreamy-folk band from Switzerland breezes into the singer/songwriter scene with their EP Kingdom North. Three siblings are part of this six-piece Indie band –Janine, lead vocals and guitar –Vera, her sister, vocals, bass, electric guitar –Simon, her brother, vocals, xylophone, cello. A closeness of skin and memory comprise half of this band. A


Suffragettes: The Story of a Working Class Woman’s Gradual Political Awakening

History has a way of defanging heroes. Time and distance can smooth out the rough edges, take away the radicalism that defined them in relation to their time, and eventually they become little more than black and white pictures in history books. It took less than a century for that to happen to the Suffrage


hustle* The Black Box

*hustle*  Peek into a keyhole, search in a fragmented mirror, crack open a tinted door that could lead to a naked body –a collection of secrets & memories from Marlowe, a former stripper. __________________________________ From Indiana to Florida, chasing boys since I was a sprout, I follow yet another one. Boxes filled with photos and


Netflix Gems: The Awakening: A Chilling Look at How the Past Haunts Us

As the nights get longer and the winds pick up, few things are as gratifying as a truly good scary movie. But with the reliance on gore and shock in mainstream horror, it’s not always easy to find one that walks the line between viscerally scary and thoughtful. That’s a line walked carefully and brilliantly


Netflix Gems: Narcos: What About the Ladies?

Netflix long ago established itself as the go-to source for movie streaming. But the site is growing into a media powerhouse in its own right with sensational original programming that routinely rates highly among both critics and viewers. Titles that are now ubiquitous, like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, defined the


iiiPoints Music Festival: A Delicate Balancing Act

Music festivals are big business, and they do a lot more than simply sell tickets and rake in money for the organizers. They generate huge revenues for a large range of local and national stakeholders: bars, restaurants, hotels, and vendors, not to mention the newly created beneficiary class of ordinary people who drive for Uber