Moving yourself forward: 3 core concepts from Miami’s Masters of Tomorrow Summit

I woke up early to read before the day. It will be a long one. On the reading list, Sam Harris’ Waking Up. I sip my coffee and flip the page while trying to remind myself that my sense of self is in fact false. I’ve been trying to remind myself for a week now. It


When Form becomes Action: Experiencing Julio Le Parc’s first U.S. retrospective at PAMM

Dark space enveloped me. The only light was refracting off the mirrors hanging from the roof. Instinctively, my eyes want to find my face in the rows of reflective surfaces. Someone passes by me holding a large piece of wood and some pliers and breaks my concentration. The art installation is still being set up.


Your Miami Art Basel Guide Hack

With the end of November comes the rise of Miami’s most famous week of the year: Art Basel. If you’re inundated with guides for the week and wondering where to start, we’ve done the legwork for you. Enjoy Miami’s biggest art week with our robust Art Basel Guide Hack. Miami New Times We must acknowledge


Press Play: Los Wálters

In an age of cornucopian music accessibility how can one thoughtfully curate a playlist without having an algorithm decide for you? Enter Culture Designers ®.  For those keeping a close eye on the emerging Caribbean electropop scene, one would be hard pressed to look over the Puerto Rican based band Los Wálters. Originally, an online



Party isn’t what you think. They don’t exactly seem like party people, but that’s not to say that they aren’t. What they are is just different kind of party. The name comes from a team of online gamers working together in something like World of Warcraft, for example. It made perfect sense as soon as


Designing Tokyo: The most mind-blowing things we saw at Tokyo Design Week 2016

The Product/81 team was able to put our inspiration search into overdrive thanks to coincidence of arriving during what feels like festival season in Tokyo. We’ve stumbled upon everything from Jamaican Fest to Ramen Fest, but the two most productive finds so far have been the Good Design Exhibition in Ropongi Hills and Tokyo Design