The Mystical Landscape in the Digital Age

We recently checked out Los Ojos, a new art space in Bushwick.  While their current group photography show is small, it showcases some pretty big talent from artists Mark Dorf and Chris Mottalini. In divergent ways, Dorf and Mottalini have constructed photographs that reflect the sublime in an understated capacity. Both do so by focusing on


Here Hear the Hemisphere! Sounding Off About the 13th Annual Heineken Transatlantic Festival

To say Miami is the most polyglot metropolis on the planet might be over-hyping our own hyperbole; then again, it just might not.


Street Art Like It’s Never Been Seen Before: ‘Wild Streets’ by Diana Larrea Opens April 11th

You’ve probably seen Diana Larrea around town toting a Canon 7D in hand. Her long crimson hair, slim physique and tatted legs


Coachella Bans Selfie Sticks: A Narcissist’s Survival Guide

Sunglasses? Check. Flower crowns? Check. Crop tops? Check. Cell phones? Check. Selfie sticks? Well, umm, no.