This is a Box, Not a Vagina

I’m in a box.  Not like any box you know.  Well, most of you don’t anyways.  I’m in a black box where there are mirrors.  If there’s smoke, it could come from a pussy.  I have seen, on more than one occasion, a girl smoke with her pussy.  The first girl who showed me this


PAMM knows the Art of the Party

In a town where partying has indeed been perfected, it’s only right that the Pérez Art Museum Miami’s largest fundraiser of the year is dubbed The Art of the Party. Each year, the PAMM masterfully crafts an evening full of multi-sensory delights in the name of fundraising: The Art of the Party Gala and Remix After


The Earth Warrior Speaks of More than Just Trees

The Earth Warrior Speaks of More Than Just Trees Her Dominican, Afro Latina roots are at the forefront. Her work emphasizes black and brown women in flight, in transition, in movement –The Earth Warrior, aka Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, uncovers the magic, secret steps of the dance called womanhood. She is a triad of educator, artist, and


Netflix Gems: Master of None is The Kind of Pop Culture We Desperately Need

Once known primarily for his role as the luxury-loving Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari has spent the larger part of 2015 positioning himself as an astute observer of our culture. His book Modern Romance was a bestseller, and now he’s at the helm of one of the breakout shows of the year.


Tau Battice’s Mission: Re-constructing Gaze/Revamping Imagery

When the subject matter is so close to the heart that it becomes the heart, the end result is Tau Battice’s “Harlem I(nf)lux,” “Afro Latina: Intimacies and Identities” and “Daddying.” It is with a click of his camera and tongue that he wrestles and summons the spirit out of people. For with each snap, each


Youth is a Breathtaking Dive into the Meaning of Legacy

It seems necessary to point out from the very beginning that nothing really happens in Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, Youth. But the film is nonetheless one of the most powerful, enjoyable, and moving films of the year. From the opening shot the viewer is transported to a visually striking microcosm of time and space. Centered