Raise your energy with Kundalini Yoga

“In a world of excess and clutter, you just want to connect with your own soul,” said Jiwan Kaur, a Kundalini yoga teacher and avid practitioner of the ancient science. Prior to writing about the Kundalini Yoga Festival, I had no knowledge of the practice. Like most Westerners, I’d dipped my toes into the pool of


HUSTLE* box worthy

Once I was offered $5,000 to go home with a customer. He was a businessman or at least he wore a business suit. Not bad looking, a little on the chubby side and Latino –most girls would’ve spread leg right then and there, but I didn’t. Afraid of crossing the line and never being able



Music consists of 3 types of notes, bass, middle and top. The bass holds it down, the middle is the thread that brings it all together and the top is usually what pulls us in, intoxicating the senses. There is so much in between the notes, especially when music is played live and without the aid


unreserved: a new way to experience art

It was Monday morning at the Pamm Perez Art Museum and the freshness of a new week was everywhere. I always wondered who could come to museums and experience art during the week while the rest of the world sits perched in their cubicle taking orders, filling spreadsheets and making society go round one logistical


O, Miami Poetry Festival: 2 projects that will make you love this city

If you live in Miami and do not read, recite or listen to a poem in April, something has gone seriously wrong –– The New York Times This is Miami in April. Our sunny metropolis is converted into a literary playground and O, Miami is the ringleader. Across our town – with no areas spared,


Marlowe: The Trinity Box Set

There are clips. They come and go as they please, without much regard for my emotional state; they interrupt many quiet moments or resurface in the bedroom. Some of them are reeling –projected on a brain screen, on repeat, and, almost always, in black and white. Others are twinklings of things that cannot be confirmed