Tokyo-based Illustrator Adrian Hogan is Changing the Coffee Cup Sketch Game

Instagrammer and illustrator extraordinaire Adrian Hogan has wowed us with his new series featuring curious panoramic sketches on coffee cups. The short Instagram


Unprocessed Foods Cut into Incredible 2.5cm Cubes by Lernert & Sander

Last year, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant commissioned conceptual design studio Lernert & Sander to design a special piece for a documentary photography issue about


Three Apps to Make You Happier

Sigh. The things we can accomplish with our smartphones and tablets are astounding. Twiddle your thumbs for a bit, and, voila! Dinner arrives at your doorstep. The amount of miles you ran and calories burned are tracked. A taxi awaits you curbside. Your Friday night date is only a right swipe away, and so on


FILM REVIEW: Far From the Madding Crowd

Framed in breathtaking panoramic views of the Dorset countryside, Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Far From the Madding Crowd brings new life to period drama tropes. Based on the Thomas Hardy novel of the same name, the film remains just close enough to the cliched historical characters and turns to be familiar, and yet below the