Answering to Higher Authority: Asif Farooq Made You a MiG 21

Deep in the industrial four-corners of Brownsville, Doral, Allapatah and Hialeah, a warehouse is transformed into an art studio, hangar, and museum of Soviet curiosities. Inside, Miami-born artist Asif Farooq, 37, sands down a compressed piece of cardboard, cigarette dangling from his mouth. Handing me the small, jewel-like object, Farooq gabs on about the marvels


Kenya (Robinson): Cheeky AF

Artist Statement, No. 032714 I have been blessed with the privilege of blackness and femaleness, and sometimes, queerness on Karaoke Thursdays, or even on a regular Monday when the Rainbow is Enuf. My neighbors-in-otherness, borrowing sass and sugar from next door to spice the “T” we can all serve on the regular. I am fiscally


Hustle*: Box Delivery

Sometimes clients don’t like to give girls cash. Yes, you heard me right. Clients feel like they have the right to look and not touch; that also means not tip. Inside a strip club where it’s a given that women take off clothing, bump and grind, and flirt for paper, some try to go against



When I began working at the Gesamtkunstwerk, a building in Alapattah meaning a “total work of art,” no one knew about it. I would try to explain it, pronouncing the name in messy German, and then resign to saying West of Wynwood. Now, seventh avenue is being completely redone, more buildings are being purchased and there’s even a


E. Jane: The Trifecta of a Triple Goddess

They come strong. But they come soft. They challenge and embrace notions about black women, femmes, art, music, feminism, protest, gender, life. They defy most social constructs because they are awake like that. E. Jane brings game to the art world. If you’re not ready for them, then you’re not ready to face life, to


Das Naiz: The Selfie God Guru

If you think taking too many selfies is a waste of time, you might be right. If you think filling up your Instagram account with selfies is an indication of narcissism, you also might be right.  However, Das Naiz is here to remind you that the selfie is a powerful tool that should be used