NETFLIX GEMS: ‘On Young Doctor’s Notebook’

Netflix may be everyone’s favorite way to catch a flick at home, but it can be easy to lose obscure titles in the mass of films available. To help you get the most out of your Netflix experience — and maybe find a new favorite movie — we’ll be bringing your attention to films that


Five Must-Read Memoirs Coming Soon in 2015

If you love good books, then you’ve probably already buried yourself in a few of this season’s most enticing reads, some of which Culture Designers has featured in Hot off the Press: 10 Books to Read this Summer. But as we hit the prime of summer and bask in the sun’s seemingly increasing effervescent light,


FILM REVIEW: Risto-Pekka Blom and his ‘Little Ball of Fur’

In the first U.S. museum exhibit of his work, media artist Risto-Pekka Blom explores the absurdity of officialdom through Soviet era state footage surrounding the launch and death of Laika, the first animal in space.


Not-So-Hot Trend: Sunburn Art

Sexy neoprene swimsuits, reflective – and round – ultra-chic sunglasses, and knee-high gladiator sandals are just a few


Entering the dArk with Alejandro Franco

It’s rooted in one of the greatest myths ever told, by Christians, Muslims and Jews, as well as Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Ancient Greeks and Hindus. Granted the names have been changed, but in this case it was indeed to protect the innocents. By innocents we mean the birds and the bees and the rest of their


A Metaphysical Feminist By The Name of Bunny Michael

She is Nature Slut. And she does everything you think a nature slut should and could do.