Getting Fufi in the Design Destrict

Restaurants often reflect the personality of their creator, embodying their spirit and unique style. Miami is full of fancy restaurants with fancy names, however most of them are just a show. Smoke and mirrors, lovely looking on the plate, but hold up the mirror and you’ll find an empty belly along with your empty pocket.


Jasper Finn, Canvases that Clap Back

Art has no boundaries, it knows no rules and it breaks stigmas –at least that’s what Jasper Finn’s art seems to be saying. Despite Jasper Finn’s young age, eh hem 18 years old, Finn’s spirit is all wisdom. As if Finn comes from an ageless, all-inclusive era where non-binary reigns supreme and social concepts fade


Turtle Tank, Where All of Your Radical, Creative, Entrepreneur Ideas Should be Swimming

Often, we talk so much about the art and the artist that we forget about the art process. Not insinuating mediums or artistic procedure, per se, but how an artist got to where s/he is today, i.e. how does one muster the strength of mind, body, and spirit to persue a life of artistic splendor


Caged Dancing is not like Dancing in a Box, but it Really is Though in Many Ways: HUSTLE*

Those caged dancers are a thing of the past, real mid-20th century nostalgia, out of date, yet retro enough to be seen in hipster places today. Caged dancers are dancers of an era I thought I wanted to be a part of; cool enough to be anti-establishment and dangerous enough to be part of an


“El Viandero”

Just off of 8th Street and Ponce de Leon Boulevard Medardo Aguilera, also known by his nom de guerre “El Viandero,” sells a variety of fruits and vegetables out of his truck parked under the shade of an oak tree. Coco Frío, calabaza, banana, fruta bomba are all on display. A man pulls up in


Heather Benjamin: Doing Erotica Right

Take 70s porn, let it collide with 1950s comics, add a dash of cartoon humor and dirty lines and you’ve got something called Heather Benjamin. Well, that’s almost right. To look at a work of Heather Benjamin is almost like looking at your own vagina in the mirror. It’s both breathtaking and strange, it reminds