E. Jane: The Trifecta of a Triple Goddess

They come strong. But they come soft. They challenge and embrace notions about black women, femmes, art, music, feminism, protest, gender, life. They defy most social constructs because they are awake like that. E. Jane brings game to the art world. If you’re not ready for them, then you’re not ready to face life, to


Das Naiz: The Selfie God Guru

If you think taking too many selfies is a waste of time, you might be right. If you think filling up your Instagram account with selfies is an indication of narcissism, you also might be right.  However, Das Naiz is here to remind you that the selfie is a powerful tool that should be used


GALT is coming: Music, Art and Objectivism

Dr. Mia Vassilev has played the piano since she was a young girl. It was never an option to do anything else in her mind. From conservatory school to college to her first career move with The New World Symphony, a fateful choice that would bring her to South Florida, she has never stopped speaking


#Fordista Makers Series: Cold Brew Station

It was a Sunday afternoon in Coconut Grove. One of those Miami days when the weather is forgiving and you can feign a need for scarves. Faux-winter attire and dog in-hand, we made our way to The Barnacle. The Mad Hatter Arts Festival was out full force and I was in the mood to experience


Yo Amo 305 Recaps FM Fest

    We went, we listened & we ate. The inaugural FM Festival this past weekend was beautifully executed with a general chill vibe.  Perhaps, that had a lot to do with the drink to food ratio- which was about 50/50.  Saturday, weather wise was close to perfect, as opposed to Sunday’s maudlin start, but


Party People! Party People!: FM Festival is Finally Here

Poplife are the premier music tastemakers of Miami. Now they’re venturing out into the land of music festivals. The FM Festival lands on our shores this Saturday and Sunday at the North Beach Bandshell. It’s exactly what it sounds like–food and music galore. FM will feature top-notch local restaurants like Ariete and Eating House alongside