The House of ia: Peek into a Pineal Gland

Jillayne Hunter and kb Thomason are a duo, like the duo of all duos. They are a duo of unseen proportions, you can’t even dream this stuff up, not like they do. Well, maybe you have dreamt them if you’ve broken that third-dimensional wall. If you’ve even been in an altered state or dabbled in


My morning coffee with Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee mentored me for a month in my living room. Although the idol passed away long before I was born, our paths crossed over the last few weeks every morning over coffee. The famous Jute Kune Do master holds a special place in my father’s heart and just about any other man I’ve mentioned


#HonestTelegrams: The best way to get out of a deadline

Here’s a dose of real life inspiration from author Dorothy Parker. Because no one likes deadlines.


Internet Inspirations: Don't worry if haters don't approve.: Simply say, I’m Me.

Haven’t we all been this little girl? Today’s internet inspiration comes in the form of fly dance moves and a fresh cut. It’s the best way to ward off the haters. The Spanish chorus, “Y no te preocupes/ Si no te aprueban/ Cuando te critiquen/ Tu solo di/’Soy yo,’” roughly translates to: “Don’t worry/ If


Inside the writers room: The Dan Marino Story

What about if we get Dan Marino to play Never Have I Ever? That would be ridiculous… It’s 5 PM on a Thursday. All of our ideas have been scrapped because of budgeting, time limitations and all the other constraints you can imagine. In the 11th hour we cannot rely on fancy tech solutions or


Text Message Insights & Breakthroughs:

Real life is more than just the things that get neatly processed and fleshed out into written pieces or videos. It’s the day-by-day quandaries and successes, the moments spent chatting with your favorite people and the advice that becomes solidified in text message threads. These are those stories. Please enjoy a series of insights, breakthroughs